SEO Consultant for UK based Businesses

I have worked as an SEO consultant to businesses of all sizes for over 12 years. I can help your business get the recognition and visibility it deserves on Google search. I know what Google look for when ranking websites and how to tweak your website to deliver the highest possible yield from your target market. Search engines offer website owners some of the most convertible traffic available anywhere and by adhering to Google best practices guidelines and making your website both on and off page as SEO friendly as possible you can gain more of these high value visitors.

The advantages of deploying an SEO expert over say an SEO company or agency are that you can enjoy a closer working relationship with your SEO provider and at the end of the day enjoy a more bespoke service offering. I offer almost unlimited access to me for all clients and constantly strive to improve both your rankings and my understanding of why Google rank you where they do at any given moment.

SEO Friendly Web Hosting

Additionally, I provide clients with web hosting services which mean SEO-friendly (read fast, very fast) loading times & dedicated server hosting performance at much lower prices. Server performance was always a variable beyond my control as an SEO consultant so immersed myself in the technicalities of cloud hosting, CPU, memory, storage and server locations to come up with the perfect hosting solution for websites servicing the United Kingdom market & beyond. Fast page load times help all websites – more conversions, less abandonments and more revenue. In this way we make the most out of the increased organic search engine traffic that I am able to deliver to your website via search engines.

Websites that are designed to rank

For newer or smaller companies I will happily create a purpose built SEO-ready website for you. This way you are moving in the right direction Google ranking wise from the very first “brick” of the website. Nothing is too much hassle or too much work in getting my clients to where they want to be on Google search.

Faster Websites As Standard

Speed has become a major part of what I do. Its a big competitive advantage my clients enjoy over their competitors.


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