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Looking for an SEO Consultant? Here Is What I Can Do For You

Rank your Website in Google's Organic Search Results within hand selected competitive verticals.

Bury Negative Search Results preventing negative pages about you and/or your business from ranking on Google.

♛ Manage Google Ads/PPC Consulting more profitably than anyone else can because I know your industry better than anyone else who specialises in search engine marketing.

You've made it this far so you probably are looking for an SEO Consultant. Google look at over 200 ranking signals to rank a website - SEO consultants who can actually move a website's rankings in a competitive vertical are few & far between. Fortunately for you I'm one of them.

The chances of randomly coming upon a value offering among the litany of SEO agencies and SEO companies with over priced offices & enough overheads to sink a payday lender in a cluttered marketplace are miniscule. Agencies are typically composed of SEOs with less than a years experience (I have over ten years of successfully ranking websites organically in competitive verticals all over the world). I offer five times the service for half the price because I keep overheads to a minimum.

If you're in a competitive vertical you can send in the 22 Special Air Service Regiment or you can send in a 10 year old Somali child soldier - the choice is yours. But that is the choice - make no mistake. I don't make ranking guarantees but I do offer contractually stipulated ranking targets. This is put up or shut up SEO & PPC consulting like you've never seen before.

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I have consulted companies in the following industries:

Accountants, Insurance & Lawyers
Advertising/Public Relations
Alternative Energy
Car Dealers
Construction Services, Architectural Services, General Contractors & Residential Construction
Private Dentists
Funeral Services
Hotels, Guesthouses, Lodges & Tourism
Live Entertainment
Online Casinos
Recruitment Companies
Transportation & Logistics

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