Need an SEO Consultant?

My name is Matt Hamilton. I’m an SEO consultant with 12 years experience. I focus on Google search engine rankings for my clients. Your business can benefit from my knowledge of Google search. I offer freelance SEO management options. Want more from the 20 billion Google searches made every year in the UK? I can help you do that. I know what it takes. And I’ve done it many times before. Driving increased traffic, conversions and revenues. I attack the problem of ranking on Google search differently. I have studied Google patents. Followed the evolution of Google search. And I know the ethos behind Google.

See a full listing of my SEO rates and packages. I offer services for a range of businesses in terms of sector and size. There are few websites which I don’t believe would benefit from my services. I supply specialist SEO services on a freelance basis. Please feel free to contact me for all of your SEO consulting needs today. I deliver clients excellent results. I look forward discussing what I can do for you. There is much upside to engaging me as your SEO consultant. Finally, I am happy to prove my worth as your SEO consultant under a variety of payment options.

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tel:+447468430149 Available by phone 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday Message me on Whatsapp 24/7, 365

  • 12 years of success at moving client rankings

I have been driving traffic to websites via organic search since 2009. I have seen most every SEO issue imagineable.

  • Personalized service

My SEO service is a hands on, highly personalized one. There are no limits to your access to me, personally.

  • I Work to Targets

You line them up and I knock them down. I always work to targets we have agreed upon. These targets are ambitious yet realistic. They are also time sensitive.

SEO Client

SEO Consulting by Industry

I’ve helped website owners and businesses rank on Google in 80 different industries – here are a list of some I specialise in.

SEO Specialist Services

✔ Site audit for compliance and best practices

Initially I ensure there are no major problems with your website’s SEO compliance.

✔ SEO management

I manage the SEO of client websites on an ongoing basis.

✔ Keyword research, strategy & management

I help clients identify the most lucrative and appropriate keywords for their product or service offering.

✔ On-page analysis, optimization & content creation

I make data-driven content, optimize on-page SEO elements & bring quality traffic to your website.

✔ Competitor analysis

By studying what your competitors are doing I make them infinitely easier for you to beat.

Fair Pricing for Freelance SEO

I believe my clients shouldn’t pay more than my costs plus normal profits. My being a one man operation I am able to keep my costs relatively low and my overheads entirely all functional. This means I am able to beat 4 out of 5 UK-based freelance SEO consultants (regardless of their experience) and 97% of all UK based SEO agencies on price for comparable SEO services. The price you pay for my premium SEO package is the market-price for entry level UK based SEO agency services. I’ve worked in SEO agencies in the past and that’s why I work alone. I learnt years ago that their business model didn’t make sense – they ask their SEO clients to hand them the responsibility for a massive chunk of their revenue (in some cases all of their revenue). The SEO agency on the other hand has dozens and in many cases hundreds of clients – all neatly tied up contractually. So taking the example of an agency with 50 clients – each client represents a mere 2% of their revenue. Yet most of these clients depend on this agency to safe-guard, boost & supply upwards of 40% of their revenue. You don’t need to have gone to Harvard Business School to realise there is a fatal inbalance at play here.

So I invest my time in SEO clients who invest in me. The numbers are fairly easy to extrapolate. If you need me to manage and boost and safe-guard 40% of your traffic wouldn’t the most mutually beneficial price point be at 40% of my revenue? Of course, this only works because my overheads are streamlined. No over-priced office. No redundant dedicated SEO account manager. Just me. And because you’re almost half of my livelihood at this point – you get massive access to me. Trust me when I say the agency model of SEO most of the time leads to no more than 2 or 3 hours of work per month on your site by someone with less than 18 months experience in the SEO industry. I’m offering as many hours as you need by someone who has been doing this for 12 years. Who wants you to be moving forward on Google. Who is a partner. Not a parasite.

I am able to offer in-person meetings for SEO consulting in the following locations: Bath; Berkshire; Bristol; Buckinghamshire; Cambridgeshire; Cheshire; Cumbria; Yorkshire (all); East Sussex; Essex; Greater London; Greater Manchester; Hampshire; Hertfordshire; Kent; Lancashire; Merseyside; Nottinghamshire; Oxfordshire; Surrey & Tyne & Wear.

My Rules when doing SEO for clients

As a freelance SEO consultant, I know many UK based businesses have had frustrating experiences with SEO companies, agencies and consultants. To ensure I don’t add my name to your personal list of hellish SEO experiences, I set myself the following rules.

      1. At all times conform to Google’s best practices.
      2. So far as is humanly possible be available to my clients at all times.
      3. Focus on delivering results that progressively and sustainably build a website’s organic Google yield.
      4. Set & keep to agreed deadlines on reporting.
      5. Set & keep to agreed deadlines on deliverables.

Other SEO related services I offer

Because I limit the amount of clients I take on for ongoing SEO management I also offer shorter term services including:

      • SEO Audits – in cases where I am not able to take on full-time SEO management of a given website I can usually pencil in some time to do once off or even regular SEO health check audits with full recommendations and suggestions on tactics moving forward being a part of the service.
      • SEO Agency due diligence on your behalf. For a law firm (by way of example) looking to contract an SEO agency their knowledge of search engines is probably comparable to the SEO agency’s knowledge of Anton Piller orders. That is essentially zero. For that reason companies use my services to vet potential SEO companies and agencies for hiring purposes. I can save you a lot of time, trouble & money by helping you select the right SEO agency the first time around.
      • SEO Courses & Online Training – I offer SEO training courses (subject to availability) – for novice, intermediate and advanced SEO. I can do this in person or remotely.

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