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As an SEO consultant with more than 12 years experience I know what Google look for when ranking websites and how to tweak your website to deliver the highest possible yield from your UK target market. And I can do it more cost effectively than anyone else servicing the London market can. My SEO consulting rates are designed for flexibility, value for money & long term mutual profit making. 

Search engines offer website owners some of the most convertible traffic available anywhere and by adhering to Google best practices guidelines and making your website both on and off page as search engine friendly as possible you can gain more of these high value visitors. The advantages of deploying an SEO expert over say a company or agency are that you can enjoy a closer working relationship with your service provider and at the end of the day enjoy a more bespoke service offering. I offer almost unlimited access to me for all clients and constantly strive to improve both your rankings and my understanding of why Google rank you where they do at any given moment.

SEO Friendly Web Hosting In Central London

Strategically located servers in central London, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Helsinki, Madrid, Frankfurt, Sydney, Chicago, New York, San Jose & Singapore. Additionally, I provide clients with web hosting services which mean SEO friendly (read fast, very fast) loading times & dedicated server hosting performance at much lower prices. Server performance was always a variable beyond my control as an outside consultant so I immersed myself in the technicalities of cloud hosting, CPU, memory, storage and server locations to come up with the perfect hosting solution for websites servicing the United Kingdom market & beyond.

Fast page load times help all websites – more conversions, less abandonment’s and more revenue. In this way we make the most out of the increased organic search engine traffic that I am able to deliver to your website via search engines.

For newer or smaller companies I will happily create a purpose built SEO primed website for you. This way you are moving in the right direction Google ranking wise from the very first “brick” of the website. Nothing is too much hassle or too much work in getting my clients to where they want to be on Google search. And I have the skills to move you significantly forward via search. Speed has become a major part of what I do and is a big competitive advantage my clients enjoy over their competitors.

The benefits of a much faster website are multi pronged. Yes it will help you rank better on Google because Google want to serve up search results that users will benefit from being sent to and speed definitely helps with that. But provided you already have some momentum in terms of digital footfall speed brings with it more engaged users, users who are more likely to convert, stay longer and ultimately spend more. So if 100 visitors to your website previously meant £100 in revenue (by way of example) in my experience on average you could anticipate those same 100 visitors to now bring you around £120 & in a sustainable manner.

I do not oversee a single client website which takes longer than 800ms to load with the average client taking around 435ms to load. I can make your site faster and more profitable.

In Person Meetings In London

I would be happy to discuss your freelance SEO consulting needs in person near any of the following London tube stations. I have used each in the past & can arrange appropriate venues to host such meetings.

  • Bank, King’s Cross St Pancras, Victoria, London Bridge, Canary Wharf or Green Park.

Google hold a 93.3% share of all UK searches

Which search engines matter?

In the UK, across all platforms combined, Google hold a market share of around 93.33% as of June 2021. On mobile this rises to a staggering 97.6%. This is by no means unusual, in India Google hold 98.93% of the total market and an almost unbelievable 99.68% share of the mobile search market. Similarly, for the entire continent of Africa, they hold 97.01% of the total market & 99.14% of the mobile market.

A similar pattern of dominance is present in most major European markets:

  • Germany – 91.45% (overall) & 96.49% (mobile)
  • France – 91.55% & 96.91%
  • Italy – 95.92% & 98.62%
  • Spain – 95.89% & 98.87%
  • Netherlands – 94.66% & 97.89%
  • Switzerland – 91.34% & 96.79%

So none of the major European markets show less than a 91.34% preference for Google. Google who were founded in America and generally only perform crawls from the United States are stronger in these major European markets than they are even in America (overall 88.44%/mobile 94.3%).

Countries Where Google Have Real Competition

Google are the undisputed leaders in search outside of a handful of countries. Most notably:

  • China – where Baidu hold 79.89% of the overall market & 93.43% of the mobile search market. Google, by contrast, hold just 2.43% of the overall market and almost none of the mobile search market. When someone says Google couldn’t get any bigger this is the one way that they could – if they managed to make inroads into the Chinese market.
  • Russia – where Yandex RU & Yandex hold a combined overall market share of 46.95% & a mobile search share of 42.26%.

Emerging Search Engines

  • DuckDuckGo – have grown to hold 2.27% of the American mobile search market. That’s more than Yahoo! or Bing.

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation/Optimization. As the name suggests it is an attempt to make a webpage (almost always a collection of webpages ie. a website) as visible as possible on search engines.

What does a freelance SEO Expert do?

I optimise your webpages for maximum search traffic potential. And the potential for companies in the UK is generally massive. Google UK is the world’s third biggest most used search engine behind only Google global (.com) and Bing global (.com) in the 12 months to June 2021.

I offer a range of freelance search engine marketing services. My services are broken down into core and additional services. The core services take up the majority of my working time whilst the additional ones are areas I have accumulated experience at over the years but currently perform only sporadically. My core offering is ongoing management of websites in a wide range of commercial sectors. I have worked on several hundred client websites in dozens of industries and consistently delivered improved rankings, traffic and financial yield via organic search. I have extensive experience of helping eCommerce websites deliver improved revenue & profits via online search engine traffic. Ecommerce websites can be complex and challenging projects but my experience of working on behalf of many different online stores in a variety of sectors means I am well equipped to assist you in getting your website ranking prominently on Google search for the most lucrative keywords in your sector. I have an eye for detail that is well suited to helping online stores make the required changes, however small or large, to boost their presence in SERPS. I’ve done SEO consulting for 12 years now and for the last 11.5 of those years I have retained the ability to be able to troubleshoot a client’s ranking issues extremely briskly. My audits obviously involve a time investment but the major issues at play are usually visible to me within the first 5 minutes of considering your website for the first time. If you have an existing content creation set up and want to work out why you are not getting the return you believe your efforts deserve I can help you discover where you might be going wrong and advise on how to correct these issues fast.

I can also train you or your marketing team in basic, intermediate and/or advanced SEO best practices and techniques.

Which businesses have deployed you as an Independent SEO Expert?

Current & Former Clients Include

But are not limited to:

  • plumbers, electricians & heating engineers, loft conversion specialists, builders, painter/decorators, architectural design and surveying services
  • solicitors & lawyers (in various disciplines – from immigration law to personal injury, medical negligence & divorce lawyers)
  • accountants & auditors (spanning advisory services (Big Four), tax, audit & accounting through to much smaller operations)
  • travel companies (hotel booking websites, car rental agencies, holiday insurance companies & individual guesthouses)
  • wedding venue hire companies, dress makers & photographers, jewellers, diamond merchants, wedding/event planners, web hosting companies, plastic surgeons & other private health care providers
  • cryptocurrency websites, price comparison websites, insurance companies, mortgage providers, recruitment agencies
  • dropshipping companies, man & van/removals companies
  • close protection security & bodyguard services

Why are you the best Consultant for my business?

My name is Matt Hamilton and I have 12 years experience as an SEO consultant for companies of all sizes. I’ve helped them improve their rankings, organic traffic & online revenue in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Thailand, the United States, Ireland, Canada, Italy, Denmark & more.

12 Years Experience

I’ve been helping websites like yours extract maximal yield out of Google search since Tony Blair was Prime Minister. I’m a specialist in one thing – organic search.

I Want To Succeed As Badly As You Do

I get a physical high out of making Google march to my tune. Its something I would struggle to live without. You get service providers who do the bare minimum & then you get specialists who take a special kind of joy out of bringing you your competitors head on a plate & saying “There you go boss. Whose next?”

Premium Software

My clients benefit from best in class software being deployed on their behalf.

  • This includes (but is not limited to) Semrush; Ahrefs; Ryte; Netpeak Spider; Similarweb Pro; Web CEO; Woorank; Nightwatch; Botify & more.
  • My default tool is Ahrefs simply because they have the biggest backlink index of all SEO tools – 180.3 million domains; 406.2 billion indexed pages & 2.9 trillions external backlinks (on top of 23.2 trillion internal backlinks).
What Do You Offer That No One Else Does?

I offer all clients complimentary web hosting. This means that slow hosting will never be the reason you won’t rank prominently on Google. The company I use for hosting offer the fastest hosting available anywhere. Faster than Amazon Web ServicesMicrosoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform in independent testing. So this isn’t some token value add. Its a best in class universal removal of a potential stumbling block to ranking on Google.

I introduced this free add-on after years of struggling with a variable that was out of my control – awful web hosting and terrible performance. Essentially whilst some SEO consultants will refuse to work on a brand new domain I don’t but I do refuse to work on a needly slow website because your hosting isn’t up to scratch so I’ve taken the liberty to make fast, ultra reliable hosting a no brainer decision for you.

In cases where you are somehow tied to an existing hosting provider or prefer not to leave (for whatever reason) I will work to optimise your hosting deployment for speed as I would one of my website page speed consulting clients.

Why is a Consultant better than an SEO Agency/Company?

The agency model of SEO is fundamentally flawed. Firstly outsourcing 40-100% of your online revenue generation to an entity (the SEO agency) to whom you represent 0.5%-2% of their revenue is a recipe for chronic under performance and discontent. By paying an SEO agency £500 to £12,500 per month on a 6 month contract you have motivated them to…do the legal minimum to not be in material breach of that contract. What they are motivated to do & do ambitiously is spend a great deal of time during those six months finding more clients to replace you with if you leave after 180 days of sideways movement & excuses.

Think about it logically – if the SEO agency has the option of spending an hour going above and beyond to help your website rank on Google or using that hour to prospect for another client willing to be contractually handcuffed to pay them more money. I mean, what would you do in their position? Structurally my business can never be in that position. This is because:

Your Business Means Something To Me

Each of my clients makes an important contribution to my revenue. Every single one. This is because I only service a select few at any one time. Do you really feel valued at an SEO agency where you are but 1 of 100+ clients? With me you matter & my efforts at all times show this to be true.

I Charge Enough To Make A Living But Not So Much That You Can’t

I don’t believe in the magic money tree. I believe in market forces & in normal profits. My rates are calculated by applying a margin to my costs not by sucking my thumb, overextending myself on overheads & expecting my clients to pay for it. As a consultant I offer more & closer dedicated hours than any SEO agencies/companies are able to for the same price.

Are you able to help local businesses?

Absolutely. Look local businesses (who service a limited defined geographic area) make up 35% of my client base historically. They also have represented some of my biggest successes.

In a poll of every client I’ve ever had local businesses scored highest for 1) improvements to revenue (93% scored me either “good” or “outstanding” for this), 2) improvements to brand awareness (91% scored me either “good” or “outstanding”) & 3) overall satisfaction (95% scored me either “good” or “outstanding” with 77% voting for “outstanding”. So whilst I also help household name publicly listed insurance companies & the ilk the local SEO component of my business is one of my most vibrant and successful.

How long does it take to rank on google search?

Depends. And I’d be lying to you if I said x hours/days/weeks. What I can tell you is that in my experience website’s take anywhere between 4 hours and 14 days to get indexed (that is read by Google) with 1 to 4 days being most common. From there getting ranked would depend on the how strong your website is in terms of both onsite and, especially, for the purposes of this question anyway, offsite ranking signals (links from other websites).

If, by how long does it take to rank you mean how long will it take to see meaningful progress I’d again say it depends but that in my experience I’ve seen transformations in as little as 1 day and as much as 120 days with 21 days to 90 days being most common. I can give you a more specific estimate (probably to within 10 days) if you provide me with the some details about your website.

What other services do you offer?

I offer the following services related to SEO. SEO consultancy (ongoing management) is my core service offering but over the years I have developed a high level of proficiency with each of the following:

Will my google rankings still fluctuate?

That is the one given I can assure you of 100 percent guaranteed. This is because Google’s algorithm changes. Like a lot. Like every day several times. Several times a year major changes are brought in but minor ones are made daily. Google uses over 200 ranking signals and each is can tinkered with and often will be regularly.

Now these fluctuations are generally minor & manageable. But having an ongoing management arrangement with me in place means the fluctuations tend to only be in one direction and that direction is north. Additionally, the way that search results are presented is in a constant state of flux with the following SERP features added at various times.

Google SERP Features

In order of prevalence:

  • Knowledge Graph
  • Related Questions
  • Verticals
  • Local/Local Packs
  • Images
  • Reviews
  • Knowledge Panels
  • Site-links
  • Top Stories
  • Less common: Google Shopping, Videos, FAQ Links, Tweets, Local Panels, Featured Snippets, Knowledge Cards & Medical Panels.
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