Looking for an SEO Consultant? If you know about as much about search engine algorithms (and why would you) as I do about your product or service you clearly need an expert with specialist knowledge. I offer your business more for less. More keywords, more specialist knowledge, more hours of client contact, more forward keyword movement for less money, less excuses and less hassle.

Hiring Me as your SEO consultant

  • SEO is an investment into the long-term growth of your business
  • I have a proven track record of success
  • I am up to date on best practices and the latest trends in the dynamic marketing discipline of SEO
  • I have accumulated a command of SEO tools and platforms for keyword research, competitor analysis, and backlink optimization
  • I possess a strong technical understanding of website architecture
  • I am a well-rounded strategist across digital marketing fields, including content marketing, social media marketing, and PR
  • I seek genuine insights into your product, your users, your revenue model, and your competitive landscape
  • I come up with ideas, implement them, and then measure their impact
  • I’m happiest doing analytical and technical stuff day in, day out
  • I crunch through a lot of data
  • Simultaneously I’m a problem solver and creative thinker
  • I have a burning desire to learn and grow
  • I make & have an ongoing effort to improve my skills, and discover new strategies, tactics, and tools

There are a lot of self-proclaimed SEO specialists about, but true experts are hard to find – I’m one of them.

Google processes three billion searches per day. Google say that 15 percent of those queries have never been seen before. 15 percent of three billion is a huge number of queries never entered by any human searcher ‚ÄĒ 450 million per day.¬†Among these are complex, multi-word queries, also called ‚Äúlong-tail‚ÄĚ queries.

The key to my success in eliciting superior results for my clients is my obsessive hyper targeting of their market. I go beyond the superficial nominal target market isolating searchers who are ready, willing & able to convert into buyers of your product and/or service at conversion rates that are optimally high & continually getting higher.

eCommerce in the United Kingdom

  • Credit/debit cards are the main payment method. UK customers are unfamiliar or unused to Bank Transfers and Cash on Delivery.
  • UK customers like to know where their goods are during transit so tracking services should be included.
  • Having a contact centre in the UK is desirable.
  • UK customers’ expectations and standards are very high.
  • UK consumers respond well to advertising and buy if they see an advantage in price, quality, design or branding.
  • After-sales service is important as consumers do not hesitate to complain.
  • British consumers prefer pricing inclusive of shipping.
  • Click and collect is commonplace in the UK.

I specialise in targeting the following British markets:

London; Manchester; Birmingham-Wolverhampton; Edinburgh; Glasgow; Leeds-Bradford; Cardiff; Southampton-Portsmouth; Newcastle & Carlisle.

Custom options are available upon request. I provide SEO consulting to entrepreneurs, individual businesses and in house teams who need advice on improving their SEO. SEO packages as detailed below are all subject to availability.






















What happens when you sign up?

Once you have decided which package suits your business and subscribed to my monthly service, I contact you to introduce myself and obtain login details to your site.

I then carry out a competitor analysis, seeking areas of latent opportunity, creating a refined and considered keyword list and begin optimising your website to that list of keywords that I’ve collaboratively approved with you upfront. I also answer any questions you may have for me.

The tangible benefits of white-hat SEO can take anywhere from 90 days to 12 months to materialize and this is all dependent on sector specific levels of competition in your market.

I contact my clients on a regular basis as stipulated in the table below, ensuring that I keep up to date with your business activity and the evolving keyword/market landscape in your sector. My aim is to become an effective partner in your success. I’m just a phone call or email away.

* Please note that prices are by default in British Pounds (GBP) but for international clients we simply convert to your currency at the exchange rate at the time work commences.

** All quoted prices for SEO services (management and advice) can be customised into bespoke offerings upon request. 

Industry Specialisms & The £5 CPC Rule

I focus on organic SEO consulting in industries where the cost to acquire the equivalent traffic (via PPC/Adwords) is (on average) £5 or more. For companies in industries where the PPC equivalent is under £5 I offer PPC management as an alternative. If you are unsure of the PPC equivalent value of traffic in your sector I can ascertain it for you & we can continue discussions from there.

Industries where the PPC equivalent average is typically above £5 include (but are not limited to): Insurance; Personal Injury Lawyer, Solicitors & Sundry Legal Services; Online Gambling, Casino, Poker & Bookmaking; Asset Management; Rehabilitation Centres; Payday Loans; Mortgages & Lending; Luxury Travel; Removal Services & Bail Bonds (United States).Long Tail Search Demand Curve

You’ll Find Cheaper, You Won’t Find Better

Some people may find this offensive, but experience has shown me over and over that the people who fight you over price will never stop fighting you. It‚Äôs easy to think that, since you’ve given them a discount and gave into their demands, they‚Äôll appreciate you more and manage their own expectations, but that‚Äôs never happened to me in over 10 years of working with clients.

It‚Äôs almost never about the money ‚Äď there are some people who just think vendors are meant to be beaten. If you win, they lose. Unfortunately, that means they‚Äôll never see your relationship as win-win. I’ve learnt to recognise these clients during negotiation, and get out whilst I can. I’m not the cheapest SEO in London – but I am the best informed, educated & spirited – that is to say I offer a premium service – sending traffic, revenue & profits your way in exchange for a reasonable service fee that allows us both to profit from your website’s success.

SEO Services

UK Based Personalised Alternative to SEO Companies & Agencies

I am an expert in the following SEO related activities:

Google RankBrain; SEO & Reddit; Updating, Upgrading and Republishing Old Content; Conversion Ready Title and Description Tags; Finding Broken Link Building Opportunities; Using Your Competitors Best Keywords; Maximizing Shareability; Linking Out to Authority Sites; Sending Link Juice to Deeper Content; YouTube Descriptions; Optimizing For Semantic SEO; Long Tail Keywords In Title Tags; Using Wikipedia for Keyword and Topic Ideas; Using ‚ÄúBest of/Ranking‚ÄĚ Lists; Publishing Content With At Least 1,800 Words; Link Prioritization; Creating Keyword Lists; Finding Undiscovered Keywords; Finding Niche-Specific Link Building Opportunities & Using the Google Search Console.

I have over a decade’s worth of experience in organic SEO & have enjoyed success working on hundreds of websites in dozens of sectors. I can help your website rank and in turn increase the flow of organic, quality traffic that you can turn into profits.

Fixed Hourly SEO

My ability to take on fixed hourly rate SEO work is very limited & strictly subject to availability – going on recent history I’ve been available for under 50 hours per annum outside of package obligations in 4 of the last 5 years. That being said – my SEO Consulting hourly rate is currently: ¬£150 for the first hour; ¬£120 for the second hour & ¬£80 for hours three to ten – ¬£57.50 per hour thereafter when block booked & block paid for upfront.

Over 200 variables in the Google Algorithm

Domain Wide Ranking Signals

  • Age of Domain – assuming a clean bill of historical algorithmic health – the older and more established a domain, the better.
  • History of domain
  • Keywords in domain name – helpful if not essential to ranking well.
  • Sub domain or root domain
  • TLD of Domain
  • IP address of domain
  • Location of IP address / Server

Website Architecture

  • HTML structure
  • Use of Headers tags
  • URL path
  • Use of external CSS / JS files

Content as a Ranking Signal

  • Keyword density of page
  • Keyword in Title Tag
  • Keyword in Meta Description (Not Meta Keywords)
  • Keyword in KW in header tags (H1, H2 etc)
  • Keyword in body text
  • Freshness of Content

Inbound Link Quality as Ranking Signal

  • Quality of website linking in
  • Quality of web page linking in
  • Age of website
  • Age of web page
  • Relevancy of page‚Äôs content
  • Location of link (Footer, Navigation, Body text)
  • Anchor text if link
  • Title attribute of link
  • Alt tag of images linking
  • Country specific TLD domain
  • Authority TLD (.edu, .gov)
  • Location of server
  • Authority Links

Cluster of Links Related Ranking Signals

Google Penalties & Manual Actions

  • Over Optimisation
  • Purchasing Links
  • Selling Links
  • Comment Spamming
  • Cloaking
  • Hidden Text
  • Duplicate Content
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Manual penalties
  • Sandbox effect

Other Google Ranking Signals

  • JavaScript Links
  • No Follow Links
  • Performance / Load of a website
  • Speed of JS

Indirect Ranking Signals

  • XML Sitemap (Aids crawling)
  • PageRank (General Indicator)