Adwords is one big auction. I'm the guy you want bidding on your behalf at that auction.
Average Client Saving
"Matt is more than an Adwords specialist. He offers invaluable impartial external input & well thought out theories on market demographics. He single-handedly lowered our CPA by 36% inside 6 weeks."
Chief Operating Officer of FTSE 100 Company
Looking for an Adwords consultant who knows search, who puts your company's interests first, never stops learning, delivers solid & robust profits, is brutally competitive & who sees both the big picture and the fine details that bring results? I'm Matt Hamilton & if you're an ambitious decision maker in your enterprise we should talk business.

Adwords Management

For as little as 6.5% of adspend I'll get you more conversions for less money.

Advisory Service

From 1% of annual or projected annual adspend I offer money saving advice.

External Audit

For just 1% of lifetime spend I'll show you where you're going wrong.

Superior Results via Superior Demographic Targeting
I consistently smash agencies and consultants alike because I spend more time managing your account doing so with an obsessive level of precision. Obsessive about geo-location; time of day; keyword bidding strategy, you name it. Constant refinement & strangulation of costs. Whether you want to target ultra-high-net-worth individuals; market by state, zip/post code, county, city or neighbourhood - I can make the best use of your adspend through hyper-segmentation of your market.
Demographic Targeting
Strategy. Action. Results.
profit formula
Why do I charge so little? Well personally I think industry 'norm' prices are a joke and indicative of the economic illiteracy that pervades much of the sector - I don't think I charge 'that little' - just what is sustainable for all involved. If you're being quoted or charged 15% or more you're being ripped off. I charge less because I keep my cost base to a minimum - you'll be paying for performance not overpriced office space and ostentatious 'account managers' - you'll be dealing with me & only me. Always a pleasure. Includes Setup/Review; Monitoring; Complete Management; Bid Optimization & Performance Analysis.
Absolutely No Excuses
Put up or shut up Adwords success - I go for the competition's jugular at all times & make no apologies for doing so. I don't always succeed; although I usually do - but I always take ownership of my performance. The buck stops here.

Last year I saved my clients millions via surgically targeted paid search. Today it's your turn.