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London Based SEO Expert & Adwords Consultant

My name is Matt Hamilton & for the last 10 years I’ve worked as an SEO & Adwords consultant to entrepreneurs & existing businesses of all sizes in London & throughout the world helping them gain over £28 million in profits online from search engines. If you need SEO or PPC advice, auditing or ongoing support – contact me via the form below.

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I know you’re not sat there with a bag of money waiting for my call. But I’m not some 18-year-old selling a cure for Ebola. I’m 35 years old, I have 10 years experience, I know this business. People deploy me for one reason: to make money online. That’s it. We’re not here to make friends. We’re not saving the rain forests. We’re here to win.

Why am I the best external search consultant for your business?

Search Is My Core Competence

I Do The SEO and/or PPC MYSELF

SEO Agencies Are BS

Partner Not Parasite

Whilst working for an SEO agency many moons ago I cottoned onto the fundamental dilemma facing any business looking to contract an SEO and/or PPC provider – the agency model is intrinsically flawed – for one entrusting an entity with 30-90% of your enterprises’ success (or failure) to whom you represent but 1 or 3% of their financial success (revenue) is clearly a lopsided commercial relationship. So how important is your custom to your external SEO and/or PPC consultant?

I’d be working on your website’s search footprint personally. With an SEO company or a PPC agency your account would in reality be handled by the lowest ranking employee with as little as 3 months experience in digital marketing. I have over a decade of experience in digital marketing. I am really good at one thing – search. I’m not mediocre at a bunch of things – I’m exceptionally well informed about just one topic. I don’t offer web design, I don’t offer other web services & I don’t offer a shiatsu either & do you know why? It is a physical impossibility for anyone to be as good as I am at search – organic & paid – & dedicate valuable time to much anything else. I remain a student of all search algorithm updates & as such provide my clients with expertise that are cutting edge & ahead of the curve. 

I’m a partner not a parasite. Either we’re both making money or we are not – this distils my service & my process. Google search is my obsession. What I have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over the course of a career. Skills that make me a nightmare for your competitors. 

You’d be the only client in your sector. Having worked for agencies in the past I have seen instances where 3-6 competing vendors are represented by the same consultant or company. Can you say conflict of interest? You will not have that problem with me.

SEO & PPC Services I Offer

  • SEO Audits, Strategy & Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Management for SME, Startups & Enterprises
  • Google Adwords/Pay Per Click (PPC) Bid Management
  • Review of Your SEO/PPC Agency/Company’s Work
  • On-Page/Site Recommendations & Hands-On Changes
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building Recommendations
  • Google Panda Recovery
  • Analytics Setup/Reporting
  • On-Site Training Seminars

SEO Consultant London

Whilst able to service clients globally & throughout the UK (remotely or via Skype) I am able to meet in person to discuss your organic search requirements & general search marketing (including PPC) strategy & planning in London, the Home Counties & Cumbria.

Additional Information

  • SEO USA – The market in the United States for search engine marketing services is colossal with U.S. consumers spending $385 billion online in 2016. That number is predicted to grow to $632 billion by 2020. The number of American online shoppers grew from 204 million to 224 million – which is 86% of the population over the age of 14. What’s better is that these shoppers are spending more & doing so more frequently – online transactions are up by 115 million from 2015 to 2016. High customer loyalty and brand awareness are critical aspects of attacking the US online market.
  • Shopify SEO Retail ecommerce sales reached $1.915 trillion in 2016, which is 8.7% of total retail spending worldwide. Retail ecommerce sales are expected to increase to $4.058 trillion by 2020, which is 14.6% of total retail spending. Asia-Pacific is the world’s biggest retail ecommerce market with sales of over $1 trillion in 2016 (or 52.2% of global ecommerce) which will increase to $2.725 trillion by 2020 (or 67.15% of global ecommerce). Shopify – a software platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems – handle total gross merchandise volume of over $40 billion alone. Ranking organically for a Shopify domain requires an experienced Shopify SEO expert.
  • Magento SEO Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform which aims to heighten user engagement, improve conversion rates and revenue generation for store owners. I can help you rank your Magento store organically on Google.

I offer full services for businesses small, medium & large, including: researching and selecting the most lucrative keywords, technical website optimisation & tweaking, conversion optimisation, visitor tracking & reporting, content creation and backlink building.

SEO Packages & Rates

My rates card for consulting can be found within my SEO Packages. Give me a call, text or Whatsapp on +447468 430149 to discuss your online search marketing needs.

SEO Packages I bring superb value for money to the marketplace. You will not find a better value service of this kind anywhere. How? Well if I can make you a substantial amount of money – the only negotiating point is what percentage cut I take…

PPC Packages for PPC bid management.

My service is one built on sustainability, not quick wins. I appreciate that my industry has developed a poor, fly by night, reputation by chasing these kinds of short held gains & I actively attempt to make all gains lasting & sustainable ones.