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Matt Hamilton is a search (both organic & paid) engine expert & the founder of Matt Hamilton Ltd. In this role, Matt looks after all aspects of both organic & paid search for client vendors, including onsite & offsite SEO; Adwords campaign management (Bid Management & Optimization; Ad Targeting; Ad Copy & Landing Pages) and digital strategy.

I make more money for my clients because I take the time to understand how your revenue stream and profitability works – in short, I make the effort to understand your business. This understanding means I know who your optimal clients are & how they could find you online. I then apply stochastic modelling to the ‘problem of your profitability’ – estimating probability distributions of potential outcomes by allowing for random variation in one or more inputs over time. This random variation is based on fluctuations observed in historical data. In a nutshell – I beat your competitors in paid search with superior decisions based on more shrewd buying decisions based on complex mathematics at the virtual auction that is Google Adwords.

A big believer in the power of the internet to connect minds across space, Matt supports net neutrality. Matt Hamilton studied economics & actuarial science at the University of Cape Town (South Africa). Frustrated with the idea of co-opting his intellect to the insurance industry Matt decided that the burgeoning digital economy would be where he would make his mark.

Matt helps online businesses to gain organic traction via Google search. Hamilton offers a range of services, from SEO consulting, to training and audits. Google represent a collection of perhaps the greatest mass concentration of intelligence ever assembled & Matt possesses an obsessive love of pitting his wits against them.

Drawing on 10 years experience in organic search, digital marketing and an educational background in advanced financial math, Matt Hamilton now focuses mainly on Google search & SEO consulting. Matt lives & works in the South London district of Tooting in the Borough of Wandsworth, 5 miles south south-west of Charing Cross. Tooting is the home of Sadiq Khan; 24 Hours in A&E; The Broadway Market; Tooting Bec Lido & St George’s Hospital.

The Matt Hamilton Story

Matt worked for a nominally well known SEO agency in Cape Town for 6 months prior to going it alone – a response to what he regarded as under-servicing of client needs & a less than stellar monthly remuneration package of less than £200 per month. So with little more than extreme believe in his own ability; no computer; no internet connection & a freshly printed restraint of trade agreement Matt set about creating his own SEO consultancy. Clients flocked to Matt despite the limitations of having to literally live in a 24 hour internet cafe for 6 months – where he’d go hungry in order to pay for internet access to start with.

Matt’s first mega-success came with a luxury travel vendor for whom he achieved no fewer than 650 Google Top 10 rankings in the American marketplace for five star hotel and accommodation names, brands & generic terms. The client ended up ranking higher for [hotel name] than many of the official hotel websites themselves.

Q & A’s

Q: Do you speak English?
A: I’m an English first language speaker – South Africa was of course settled by the British & the Dutch in the 1600’s – my direct lineage stems from the post-World War 2 influx of British farmers & settlers to Rhodesia – Scottish on the Mother’s side & English/Welsh on the Sperm Donor’s side. I’m proficient in the English language to the point of being published in TIME Magazine (English language version). My spoken English is sometimes mistaken for one of Australian, New Zealander, Canadian or American.
Q: Are you permanently based in the United Kingdom?
A: Yes I am – have an English wife, two English cats & a permanent English home to prove it too.
Q: Are you available to advise me in a one off basis?
A: Yes. Subject to availability I am able to provide once off advice to online entrepreneurs about search and search marketing.
Q: Do you offer Non-Disclosure Agreements to clients?
A: Yes, I offer all clients a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Q: Do you guarantee improvements in rankings, traffic or revenue?
A: No. And you should be very suspicious of anyone who does. I can only guarantee that better compliance with search engine guidelines and a stronger inbound link authority should lead to gains across all metrics.
Q: What is the fastest you have got a site to #1?
A: 36 hours.

SEO Consultant UK

Whilst able to service clients globally & throughout the UK (remotely or via Skype) I am able to meet in person to discuss your organic SEO requirements & general search marketing (including PPC) strategy & planning in any area of the UK.

If you’re interested in the SEO, PPC or related services I offer, please use one of the options below, or give me a call/text on 07468 430149. I’ll endeavour to get back to you within one business day.

Ways to get in touch

Email me – turn around time 2 hours – OR

Phone me – will pick up if I’m available, otherwise leave a message and I will get back to you within the hour – 07468 430149 from within the UK +447468 430149 from abroad.

Text me – will get back to you usually within 30 minutes – 07468 430149 from within the UK+447468 430149 from abroad.

Arrange a Skype call – will generally be able to chat via Skype within 1-2 days – email me to set up a Skype call/conference call.

I’ve been working with website owners for more than 10 years, helping them make their pages easier to find on the Web. The Kingmaker has been sharing information about search & search marketing and other topics for more than 4 years. If you have any questions about search engine optimization, pay per click or internet marketing I look forward to hearing from you.

PS: I am not accepting guest posts at this time. DO NOT, under any circumstances, contact me if you are a link building software salesperson or an ‘SEO’ based in some maggot ridden cesspit of the Third World – I am offering my services on this site not buying yours or anyone’s via this platform. Your email will be shift deleted faster than Theresa May can run through a wheat field.

PPC Management Pricing

PPC – Bid on Keywords Relevant to your Target Market

If you have an existing PPC service provider my offer is such: I charge 50% less than whatever they charge for the first month – we review the improvements I bring to your Paid Search campaign after the first month and we then sit down and talk brass tacks. I offer Free Audits of Existing PPC Campaigns.

*Please note that prices are by default in British Pounds but for international clients we simply convert to your currency at the exchange rate at the time work commences.

**All quoted prices for PPC services (management, audits and advice) should be viewed as guide prices as I specialise in custom/bespoke offerings.

I’m a PPC Consultant based in London – I can take your PPC to the stratosphere. Over £140m managed ad spend experience from over 10 years in the business.

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model where online advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. It’s a way of buying visits to your website. Search engine or Google advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. Advertisers bid for placement in Google's sponsored links when someone searches for a keyword related to their business. For example, if you bid for the keyword “car insurance” your ad could appear in the very top spot of the Google results page. Google advertising revenues accounted for $21.4 billion of the company's $24.8 billion revenue in the first quarter of 2017 alone. This means that advertisers are spending $7.13 billion per month; $234 million per day; $9.8 million per hour; $162,736 per minute or $2,712 per second. For the vast majority of businesses in the 21st century a paid and/or organic search engine presence is of paramount importance. The industries where PPC is unfeasible are limited to those where Paid placement is simply not allowed on moral or other reasons by Google or in industries where the advertiser buyer pool is so saturated that prices have been pushed beyond a level where profitable PPC placement is possible for anyone.

The PPC value calculation is a fairly simple one. Provided: Value to Business of 1 Paid Search Visitor > Cost to Business of 1 Paid Search Visitor Then PPC is a good idea for your business. It could be argued that even when Value equals Cost (and no better) that the increased long term benefit of heightened market presence makes that worthwhile too.
PPC value calculation
PPC value calculation
A number of factors determine how well a PPC advertising campaign will do, including: Keyword Relevance – “A highly relevant ad, keyword list and landing page is generally rewarded with a higher position on the page for potentially less money.” AdWords Help Landing Page Quality – Offer relevant, useful and original content; Promote transparency and foster trustworthiness on your site; Make mobile and computer navigation easy & be fast—decrease your landing page loading time. Quality Score – an aggregated estimate of how well a keyword has performed overall in past ad auctions.

Monthly Adwords Spend – My Management Fee

Account minimum: £300

£1 to £2000 – Account minimum

£2,001 to £5,000 – Account minimum + 15% of adspend over £2000

£5,001 to £10,000 – £750 + 10% of adspend over £5000

Over £10,001 – £1,250 + 8% of adspend over £10,000

Alternatively we could operate with a variable budget set at 12.5% plus a nominal account minimum of £150 as follows:

SEO Consultant Fees

Independent Contractor SEO Consultant Rates

I offer a range of SEO consultancy services from operational support to executive consultancy. In keeping with the professional model adopted by hedge funds I charge a management fee and a performance fee. Management fees are intended to cover my operating costs. Performance fees are intended to provide an incentive to generate profits and are paid monthly, quarterly or annually depending on what has been negotiated. Management fees are calculated as a percentage of revenue and typically range from 1% to 4%, with 2% being standard. The performance fee is typically 20% of profits, though it can range between 5% and 50% depending on the scale of your operation and the scope of my consultancy. The performance fee only applies to net profits.

My fee structure is intended to make my services a value offering supportive of profitability in your enterprise.

I offer bespoke SEO consulting services & am able to tailor a quote for my SEO services to your company’s unique requirements. Asset managers like dealing with me because I talk in terms of Liquidity on the Balance Sheet; Earnings Growth and Growth of Net Income on the Income Statement; Return on Assets; Operating Cash Flow; Net Trade Cycle; EBITDA – in short, I’m economically literate, talented & flexible. If your business is looking for Sustainable Revenue Growth online I can find a way to work with you. So get in touch. You have nothing to lose & maybe, just maybe, we can forge a profitable business relationship.


Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

What is SEO?

The set of changes to & about a website which seeks to increase the amount & qualitative nature of visitors to that websites via the organic search results of search engines.

What’s the difference between organic vs. paid results?

When Google returns its search results, it produce two types of results: organic results and paid results. Organic search results most closely match the user’s search query based on relevance as deciphered by Google’s search algorithm. Also known as natural search results, ranking well in organic results for relevant and valuable search terms is the goal of SEO.

Paid results are auction priced advertisements & are produced for as long as the advertiser’s budget lasts relative to the cost per click they have paid for their targeted search terms. If you want to dominate the search results for certain keywords in paid search, you need to be willing to pay more money for each click than your competitors are willing to pay.

People tend to avoid advertising if they can. Erudite search engine users know where ad are placed in the results page. They know that people have paid to show up in those positions. They are more likely to click on organic/natural/merit based search results. Paid search results are considered advertisers, whereas organic results are seen as trusted experts offering the best information relative to their search query.

What are meta descriptions and do they still matter?

Meta descriptions are technically HTML attributes that offer concise explanations of what a webpage is about. They can be used on search engine result pages to show a preview for a webpage. They are far less of a direct ranking signal as they once were (almost not at all these days) BUT they remain important because – when Google chose to use the suggested meta description – they are the effective ‘sales pitch’ to users to click on your webpage.

Should I optimize my domain name to include keywords?

After Google’s Exact Match Domain update, the importance of having the exact keyword in your domain name is far less important. Try to pick the best available domain name first & consider keyword matching/partial inclusion as a bonus but entirely unnecessary aspect of your final choice. Very much a nice to have not a need to have…

How do I know when I’m using the right number of keywords on a page?

You don’t & can’t – the ideal is to write naturally – to a human reader – writing by numbers has largely been usurped by Google algorithm changes of the recent past. In the word’s of Matt Cutts, formerly Google’s Head of Webspam, “write for users not search engines”.

What’s the difference between internal and inbound links?

Apart from the obvious – they are treated differently by Google with external links carrying more direct ranking influence. Having said that internal links are an important component in assisting the GoogleBot to navigate your website efficiently.

How many internal links do I need on each page of content?

Internal links help Google establish site architecture and relative intra-site importance of webpages. For this reason, you should have internal links both on a site-wide & on-page, in-content basis. The actual number of internal links per page will vary & depend on the utility offered to users (once again).

Do I need to know code to do SEO myself?

It obviously helps to know some basic coding but the majority of modern SEO, especially on a CMS such as WordPress, is achievable without specialist coding knowledge of any variety.

What is robots.txt?

The robots exclusion standard or robots.txt, is a standard used by websites to communicate with web crawlers and robots. It specifies which areas of the website should not be processed. Not all robots cooperate with robots.txt; namely: email harvesters, spambots, malware, and robots which scan for security vulnerabilities.

What is the sitemap.xml file?

An XML file that lists the URLs of a website. Where robots.txt is a robot exclusion standard; Sitemaps are a robot inclusion standard – that is mapping out crawl-able pages, posts & media of a website.

How can I see what pages are indexed?

Google [site:] plus to get an estimated count of the number of indexed pages for your domain. Use the root domain & exclude “www” in your search.

Why do you need alt text on your images?

Alt text describes to Google what image is showing, allowing them to give users more appropriate results from an image search.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

Most SEO firms will tell claim it takes 4 to 6 months to start seeing results. It varies wildly but that’s generally in the ballpark for most projects. Note that SEO results are cumulative & escalate over time. If you’re getting positive results after 6 months these will compound after 12 months & re-compound thereafter. The most profitable relationships I’ve entered into with businesses have lasted for over 5 years during which time their fortunes have literally exploded.

Should I hire someone to do my SEO?

Again depends – if you genuinely want to be the dominant player in your sector online (and in online search) & the value of being that dominant player is more than the cost of hiring someone to do your SEO on a year-to-year basis & you believe it is possible to attain that level of dominance then I’d say you should definitely consider it as one of three options open to you. The other being self-study & instructor led study into SEO.

What’s a good goal to set for your SEO?

Forward momentum in SERPs.

What about SEO has changed in the last few years?

Mobile devices have obviously exploded and Google has emphasized the optimizing websites for mobile users. By 2015 mobile search queries surpassed desktop ones – a seismic event in the evolution of search that can not be overstated in terms of significance. Optimizing for mobile devices is now nothing less than required. Its mobile-friendly ranking update came in two significant roll outs to date.

Content marketing is now part of a successful SEO strategy. Google has refined what it considers good content in recent years. It it now almost impossible to get away with any gimmicky content-based tactics, such as high quantity content without quality and substance. Search engines prefer those who produced the best, most valuable content, spawning the adoption of content marketing among SEOs — and content is still king today.

Google has worked to smash black-hat and spam-based link-building practices, penalizing link wheels, exchanges and paid links. In 2012 the Penguin update ushered in the link building reality we experience today. With it only natural link accumulation will gain your website & webpages authority.

There have been many minor changes to the layout of Search Engine Results Pages. Local and more location-specific searches have become more commonplace — especially on mobile devices.

Google Panda and Penguin stopped keyword stuffing in its tracks making it not just not ideal but counter productive.

Another major change in recent SEO is Google’s Knowledge Graph, which first emerged around 2012 – this has increased the focus on microformatting making content more simply deliverable.

Between 2011 & 2015 Google released random, major updates to its organic search algorithm. But the search engine giant has attained a solid foundation, the importance and number of updates has decreased.

How can Social Media be used for SEO?

A variety of studies support the idea that Google incorporate social signals when ranking a webpage.

What is 301 redirect?
A 301 redirect tells search engine that a webpage has permanently moved to another url.

SEO Consultant to London Finance

SEO Consulting London

I offer organic SEO consulting from London globally. As an SEO consultant I increase your website’s chance of being found via organic search by people with a pre-vetted interest in your product or service offering. If you are an ambitious hedge fund looking to exponentially grow your assets under management along with associated management fees and performance fees I can get you seen by the right people – people looking for what you have to offer – via organic search.

The potential for SEO to transform your organic footprint & revenue stream online is immense & I specialize in SEO hyper-performance globally. Google & search is an ever evolving field & I bring a decade of experience in the industry to the table – I offer freelance SEO services that are beyond the scope of anything you will find with any other SEO agency or company. I have applied my intellect to the intricacies and nuances of the Google organic search algorithm & know how to best leverage your website’s content for optimal placement on Google.

Average daily forex turnover in London stood at $2.73 trillion in April – Reuters

As an external SEO consultant I am deployed for my expertise in search engine marketing & the mechanics of how Google search works. I offer clients access to deeper levels of knowledge than are possible in-house. I am able to isolate the strengths and deficiencies of your current organic search presence & suggest & implement solutions that will improve your chances of ranking better for terms that will impact your revenue stream. As a freelance SEO consultant I am hire-able for as little or as long (within capacity limitations) as required.

Google enjoy a market-share of over 90% in many first world countries & you will not find a more knowledgeable consultant anywhere in the world. Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day – that is almost 1 for every 2 people on the planet. A growing number of these searches are from mobile phones – making SEO for mobile phones an important area of focus for many businesses in the months & years ahead.

Google Market Share UK
Google enjoy over 92% of the UK search market.

I have the capacity to take on a limited amount of SEO clients & as such encourage you to contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss your organic search engine marketing requirements. I will only ever take on one vendor per sector at any given time.

I am able to meet in person to discuss your SEO consulting requirements at any of the following major London tube stations:

Victoria; Waterloo; Oxford Circus; King’s Cross St. Pancras; London Bridge; Liverpool Street; Bank/Monument; Paddington; Canary Wharf; Piccadilly Circus; Bond Street; Leicester Square; Tottenham Court Road; Holborn; Green Park; South Kensington; Euston; Hammersmith; Stratford; Baker Street; Charing Cross; Tower Hill; Moorgate; Brixton; Embankment; Earl’s Court; Knightsbridge; Camden Town; Old Street; Westminster; Shepherd’s Bush; Farringdon; Covent Garden; North Greenwich; Angel; Notting Hill Gate; Marble Arch; Chancery Lane; Sloane Square; Highbury & Islington; St. Paul’s; Russell Square; Warren Street; Gloucester Road; St. James’s Park; Tooting Broadway; High Street Kensington; Marylebone; Balham; Wimbledon; Canada Water; Euston Square.

Tower Bridge
Aerial view of Tower Bridge

2.59% of all global searches are made on as of September 2018:

Global Search Engine Market Share
1 in 39 of all global searches are made on

The London Marketplace & Status as a Hub for Digital Commerce

London GVA
Regional share of total GVA

The London economy is relatively heavy on professional and business services compared to the rest of the United Kingdom.

Industrial variation in total GVA by region
Industrial variation in total GVA by region.

London’s economy is roughly the size as that of Sweden, it generates 22 per cent of the UK’s GDP. More than half of the FTSE 100 and over 100 of Europe’s 500 largest companies are headquartered in central London. London’s largest industry is finance, it is the largest financial exporter in the world. The City of London is home to exchanges, banks, brokers, investment managers, pension funds, hedge funds, private equity firms, insurance companies and reinsurance markets.Coat of arms of the City of London

A secondary financial district at Canary Wharf includes the global headquarters of HSBC and Barclays, the rest-of-the-world headquarters of Citigroup and the headquarters of Reuters. London handled 36.7% of global currency transactions in 2009 – or US$1.85 trillion per day. More US dollars were traded in London than in New York. More Euros were traded in London than in every other city in Europe combined.

Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf includes the global headquarters of HSBC and Barclays, the rest-of-the-world headquarters of Citigroup and the headquarters of Reuters.

Clearly the long term impact of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union upon the City of London’s financial services heavy economy remains pending but that aside financial services globally face the increasing challenge of FinTech as the new industry using technology to improve activities in finance threatens to further erode the capital’s once mamouth status within global finance.