2017 Wimbledon

How Much Does Wimbledon Pay in Prize Money in 2017?

Total Prize Money at this year’s championship runs to £31.6 million. The All England Club organisers announced that the total prize pool is up £3.5m from last year.

Men’s Singles Champion win £2.2 million as does the Ladies’ Singles Champion.

First Rounders losers will take home £35,000 each. Since 2011, first round prize money has more than trebled from £11,500 to £35,000. Second Round losers win £57,000 a piece. A Third Round loser wins £90,000. Fourth Round losers are awarded £147,000. Losing Quarter Finalists take home £275,000. Defeated Semi Finalists each earn a cool £550,000 whilst Runners Up will be awarded £1.1 million a piece – which was the winner’s prize as recently as 2011.

Wimbledon’s prize money vs other majors

The US Open’s prize money from last year for the winners tops what Wimbledon are offering this year –  Stan Wawrinka won £2.65 million at Flushing Meadows in 2016. Wimbledon pay more than any other major for those who lose in the First Round.

2017 Grand Slam Prize Money

2017 Australian Open

Winner £2.24m

Finalist £1.15m

First-round loser £30,000


2017 French Open

Winner £1.8m

Finalist £859,000

First-round loser £29,600


2017 Wimbledon

Winner £2.2m

Finalist £1.1m

First-round loser £35,000


2016 US Open (2017 unknown)

Winner £2.65m

Finalist £1.29m

First-round loser £32,500

2017 Wimbledon

2017 Wimbledon

Wimbledon 2017 Schedule

Dates Qualifying 2017: Monday 26 June – Thursday 29 June The Championships 2017: Monday 3 July – Sunday 16 July Daily Schedule […]