Why Eggington is BET OF THE YEAR against Frankie Gavin

Frankie Gavin seems to believe that Sam is an inch taller than him & no more. The photograph of them at the recent press conference in Birmingham would appear to show a height differential of anywhere between 2.5 & 4 inches. That’s a substantial height advantage. This lack of appreciation of reality seems to be shared by the bookmakers who are giving money away in my opinion – offering a ludicrous 11/10 on the younger, bigger, stronger, more motivated effective house fighter Eggington.

Incredibly Frankie Gavin has never actually headlined a professional show in Birmingham. Eggington – 9 years his junior – has is the fact that Sam enjoys real local support beyond friends & family going to mean that despite being classed a Derby we’re probably looking at a pro-Sam crowd? If Gavin’s best chance of a victory is by boxing and maintaining the distance & grinding out a points win – considering the improbability of him actually stopping Eggington – then a pro-Eggington crowd could sway judging in close rounds (however subconsciously & however much this will be denied).

At 31 a loss for Gavin is career ending in most commercial senses. At 22 a loss for Eggington isn’t desirable but there would be plenty of time & ongoing promotional & managerial support for him to climb back up. Is that not an added pressure on a mental strength that has repeatedly and consistently failed him during his career? A loss for Gavin would put him squarely in no man’s land & he’d be looking down the barrel of faded name opponent-ville should that happen.

Frankie has made the 147lbs limit only twice in the last 25 months – losing in one-sided fashion against Kell Brook & eeking out a debatable 12 rounds points decision over Bradley Skeete. He weighed in at a mighty 155.25lbs for his last bout – will he make the weight well – or at all? Considering his best hope is a points win will making the weight drain hard weaken him down the stretch should the fight go into deeper water?

Gavin has a long, inglorious history of pulling out of fights:

  • 2010-12-11 Dean Harrison [on 3 days notice]
  • 2011-10-28 Frank Haroche Horta [on 1 days notice]
  • 2015-10-17 Sam Eggington [on 12 days notice]

Thus should Frankie actually turn up for the Eggington fight Sam would become the first fighter he has pulled out of a fight with that he would subsequently actually fight.

Sam Eggington may have lost to Bradley Skeete but was that bout, in one sense, not the perfect preparation for taking on Gavin? He’s learnt what doesn’t work and has an entire camp and 12 long rounds to find something that does work against the older, less mobile Gavin.

Will the absence of long term mentor Tom Chaney in his corner be yet another nail in the Gavin coffin? You factor in that Eggington’s training team have a vast knowledge of Frankie’s background – whereas far less is known of the nuts & bolts by the current incarnation of Team Frankie of what Sam Eggington is really all about. Gavin has made inopportune personal statements about Eggington that have evidently upset Sam. Frankie has subsequently gone on to deny making such statements – which were clearly made – Is it possible that all he has achieved with this is motivating his opponent yet further?

Now here is the coup de grâce – Matchroom want Sam Eggington to win. That’s just common sense. Why? Well Sam could make them money for another 8 to 12 years – Frankie? Not so much.. You throw in Gavin’s well earned reputation for that most loathed sin of all to promoters – pulling out of fights late – & Ray Charles can see both of the Hearns would prefer the Stourbridge man to get the win. Eggington has been spending a lot of time at Matchroom Mascalls HQ training, sparring, doing media training and undergoing intensive mentoring by Barry Hearn himself. Does this not hint that Matchroom master plan involves the younger fighter, not the older one with a habit of getting the flu, going AWOL or walking under car tyres? I mean; it was Sam and not Frankie that Eddie Hearn threw into the same sentence with Danny Garcia just this week…

Money in the bank so far as I’m concerned & my only fear is Frankie comes up with another improbable reason not to pitch up & let natural selection take its course.