Vasyl Lomachenko

Walters turns down $550,000 to fight Vasyl Lomachenko

Nicholas Walters turns down $550,000 to fight Vasyl Lomachenko.

“Lomachenko is one of the better opponents that we’re gonna fight. We asked for a certain amount; they said no. They said only $550,000 was available for the fight and I think fighting Lomachenko for $550,000 with the tax we’re gonna pay to the government and everybody, we actually go home with nothing. We took the decision; we’re not gonna fight for $550,000. You know what the odds are fighting a fighter like Lomachenko. You’re not going to beat him on a decision; you got to knock him out. I fought (Jason) Sosa and I beat him clearly and they called it a draw. What do you think if it was Lomachenko? I would have a loss on my record. You have to know what the odds are when you take a fight, so the odds with taking a fight with Lomachenko, you have to knock him out to win. With me taking that odds, you need to pay me for that.”  Nicholas Walters

“Did Walters hurt himself with us or HBO by turning the fight down? No, he didn’t violate a contract or anything like that, so that’s fine, but, again, I can’t afford to pay these fighters appreciably more than I’m getting from the television and that’s what the television network felt the fight was worth.”  Bob Arum