Top 10 Schools by GCSE results

The top 10 schools in England based on GCSE results for summer 2014.

  1. King Edward VI Five Ways School 685.5

    King Edward VI Five Ways School
    King Edward VI Five Ways School
  2. Langley Grammar School 659.5

    Langley Grammar School
    Langley Grammar School
  3. Kendrick School 655.1

    Kendrick School
    Kendrick School
  4. Colchester Royal Grammar School 633.7
  5. King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls 632.8
  6. Colchester County High School for Girls 625.1
  7. St Olave’s and St Saviour’s Grammar School 623.8
  8. Pate’s Grammar School 620.1
  9. The Skinners’ School 619.8
  10. Wallington County Grammar School 617

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