Off-Page SEO

What is off-page SEO?

“Off-page SEO” are actions taken outside of your own site to improve your rankings on SERPs.  

Improving off-site ranking factors improves both Google’s and the users perception of your site’s algorithmic quality. This happens when other reputable places on the Internet link to your website, and effectively “vote” for the quality of your content.

Most Important Backlink Ranking Potency Questions

  1. How many root domains/separate C-slass IPs/linking pages link to your site?
  2. How old are the domains that link to your website?
  3. What anchor text do the links to your site use?
  4. Do you have any links from, .edu, .gov or .org websites?
  5. How strong is the page (not just the site) that links to your site?
  6. Do you have links from sites someone might expect a leader in your industry to have links from? Eg. You’d expect a leader in, say, vacuum cleaners to have links from Trustpilot & other leading consumer goods review websites.
  7. Do you have inbound links from websites which have violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?
  8. Does your homepage get a lot of good links? This shows that your overall online indentity is strong – your online brand if you will rather than just isolated pieces of content.
  9. Do you have a natural looking percentage of inbound links which are nofollow?
  10. Does your website have inbound links of a variety of type?
  11. Do you have inbound links which are within the main editorial of the page that is linking to you?
  12. Have you avoided using too many 301 Redirects?
  13. Does your internal anchor text add to or detract from the relevancy of your content?
  14. Do websites from countries in your target market link to you?
  15. Do you have inbound links from the first paragraph of content linking to you?
  16. Do you have inbound links from websites and pages that are relevant to your product or service?
  17. Do you have links from webpages on other websites which use your keyword in their title tags?
  18. Are you gaining links at an accelerating or decelerating pace?
  19. Do you have any links from Wikipedia?
  20. How old are the individual links to your website?
  21. Do you have links from real or fake websites?
  22. How natural does your link profile look overall?
  23. Have you engaged in reciprocal link building schemes?
  24. Have you used
  25. How many other pages does a page linking out to you also link to?
  26. What percentage of links to your website come from forums?
  27. How many words of content does the page that links to you have?
  28. How good is the actual content of the pages that link to your pages?
  29. Are most of your inbound links from sitewide links?
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