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Whilst working for an SEO agency many moons ago I cottoned onto the core dilemma facing businesses looking to contract an SEO provider – the agency model of SEO is intrinsically flawed – for one entrusting an entity with 20-60% of your enterprises’ success (or failure) to whom you represent but 1 or 2% of their financial success (revenue) is clearly a lopsided commercial relationship.


I’m a partner not a parasite. Either we’re both making money or we are not – this distils my service & my process. If you are in Car Insurance/General Insurance; Online Betting Industry; Luxury Travel; Professional (Legal/Accounting) Services; Plastic Surgery; Car Hire… let’s talk… I’m looking to target big time terms in big time search spaces. There is £11 billion of value out there in the UK online search market – let’s share a piece of it!

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization/Optimisation) is a commonly mentioned yet simultaneously poorly understood & thus leveraged new media marketing discipline in e-commerce & the digital economy. Despite what many (with vested interests) would have you believe SEO is not THAT complicated. It is merely a system of best practices allowing search engines (notably Google) to crawl (read), index (catalogue) & then retrieve (fetch) search results based on user’s queries according to & in the order decided by the search engine’s algorithm.SEO

Why am I the best SEO consultant for your business?

  • You’d be the only client in your sector. Having worked for SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing & Digital advertising agencies in the past I have seen instances where 3-6 competing vendors are represented by the same SEO consultant or company. Can you say conflict of interest? You will not have that problem with me.
  • I’d be working on your website’s organic search footprint personally. With a Search/Social Media Marketing company your account would in reality be handled by the lowest ranking employee with as little as 3 months experience in digital marketing. I have over a decade of experience in digital marketing.
  • I am really good at one thing – organic search. I’m not mediocre at a bunch of things – I’m exceptionally well informed about just one topic. I don’t offer web design, I don’t offer other web services & I don’t offer a shiatsu either & do you know why? It is a physical impossibility for anyone to be as good as I am at SEO & dedicate valuable time to anything else. I remain a student of all search algorithm updates & as such provide my clients with expertise that are cutting edge & ahead of the curve.
  • I understand what it takes to succeed in the digital world from both a technical and a holistic perspective, having accumulated an expert level of search engine knowledge over the course of many years & offer the benefit of this knowledge to my clients.
  • My offer is completely flexible – you can hire me as your external SEO consultant for as little as an hour or as long as multiple years. This flexibility means I am open to all manner of contractual obligations, incentives & options. I am a believer – show me the impossible & I’ll come back to you with a working plan to achieve it.
  • Honesty & transparency are hallmarks of my SEO consultant service to clients.
  • I bring superb value for money to the marketplace. You will not find a better value service of this kind anywhere in the United Kingdom. How? Well if I can make you a substantial amount of money – the only negotiating point is what percentage cut I take…
  • My service is one built on sustainability, not quick wins. I appreciate that my industry has developed a poor, fly by night, reputation by chasing these kinds of short held gains & I actively attempt to make all gains lasting & sustainable ones.
  • I posses knowledge & expertise in the implication on organic search of social media marketing, online reputation management & economics. My consultant service offering is geared toward making your website more popular via all channels with organic search being the sub-set I personally oversee. SEO

What do I charge for SEO?

  • The full rates card & partnership options for my consulting services can be found in my SEO Remuneration Guide.

Want Your Online Business To Be More Visible Via Search?

The way I see it there are three options open to you:

  • Option 1
    Dedicate a great deal of time & effort to learning how search engines work. [100 hours minimum for a basal level of understanding of core concepts.]Google
  • Option 2
    Hire an SEO consultant to act on your website’s behalf to implement onsite & offsite changes to improve your natural/organic search engine visibility.[Anywhere between £99 for really cheap & nasty to up to £5,000 per calendar month for very pretentious and overheads heavy {think swanky Shoreditch offices; high expenses budget for champers, cocaine and prostitutes & maybe even a water fountain with the water coming out of the sculpture’s bellend}.]SEO London
  • Option 3
    Hire someone with the requisite skill & knowledge to teach you how search & search engines work. [Anywhere from £150 to £3,000 once off plus 8 to 16 hours of in class learning plus a minimum of 80 hours of self study.]SEO Training

My website offers you all three SEO options.

Shopify, WordPress/WooCommerce, Magento – which is best for SEO & ranking among the major eCommerce platforms? The answer is.. it depends. I am an SEO Consultant specialising in the following CMS’s:

WordPress, Magento & Shopify SEO – The eCommerce SEO Implications

WordPress SEO – I have performed SEO successfully on hundreds if not thousands of WordPress websites – I find the content management system superbly geared for SEO & ranking purposes with the ability to find that balance between aesthetic & crawl/index friendly content. Additionally WooCommerce – an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress – powers around one in every 5 e-commerce sites online today.WordPress SEO


SEO for Shopify – Shopify includes basal SEO features in all plans – editable title tags, meta descriptions and URLs for pages; editable ALT tags for images, editable image file names; automatic sitemap.xml and robots.txt files &  canonical URL tags (to avoid duplicate content). Having said that its not all good news – Canadian based hosting is imposed which whatever one of their account executives will tell you whilst server location is far from the be all & end all – server location nevertheless may influence where a website ranks in different geographical regions & is more important for geo-specific searches.
Shopify SEO

Magento SEO – Magento is a fashionable choice for ecommerce websites it is also one of the most search engine friendly eCommerce platforms, but there are several known issues that should be tweaked in order to extract better intrinsic SEO value. It is very important to run the most recent release, enable Server URL rewrites, choose between the www and the non-www version of the URL & get rid off the default title “Magento Commerce”.Magento SEO

Joomla!, Drupal & PrestaShop SEO Considerations & Limitations

Joomla! SEO – I have found Joomla! to be a challenging CMS for SEO efforts & would never suggest it for a domain that hasn’t been built yet but if are running Joomla! on your website I’d be happy to consider working on it with the caveat that it is one of the less SEO friendly CMS options among the major CMS’s out there.Joomla SEO

Drupal – Drupal is SEO friendly enough, it has most of the elements required for SEO success. I run client & my own lead generation websites on both Drupal and WordPress. WordPress websites do better in terms of organic SEO overall in my experience. If you need or want a powerful CMS, use Drupal. If your needs are minimal, I recommend WordPress. WordPress has a smaller footprint and works better on smaller websites. For larger websites, I go with Drupal. Drupal is more effective at arranging larger volumes of content.
Drupal SEO

PrestaShop – By default, PrestaShop’s URLs are uninformative to search engines. You are offered the option of Friendly URLs & both categories and products can have friendly URLs. Friendly URLs only work with a server setup that allows URL rewriting. The platform also allows Robots file generation; Schema of URLs; Page titles; Meta descriptions & noindexing options.PrestaShop SEO

Squarespace, OpenCart, Wix & Weebly SEO Impact

Squarespace is an all-in-one solution for creating beautiful websites. Squarespace has made improvements and has ok-ish SEO features. Websites use clean HTML mark-up; have auto-generated sitemaps & have control over Page Titles & Descriptions. There are still SEO inefficiencies present. Not my first choice purely from an SEO perspective.Squarespace SEO

OpenCart – Free to download and develop with free software upgrades and support & offers a variety of payment gateways Web Payment Software, PayPal, SagePay & WorldPay. However OpenCart does have SEO limitations vs. Magento.OpenCart SEO

Wix  – a cloud-based development platform which allows you to edit Page Titles; add H1 Title tags; create logos; noindex unnecessary content; SEO your images; list on local directories; implement social integration; use the Wix SEO Wizard; deploy 301 redirects & pick tools from the Wix App Market.Wix SEO

Weebly – Weebly supports 301 redirects but only if your old site and new (Weebly) site have the same page name.Weebly SEO

If you are looking for specific information on Google Panda Penalty Recovery you will find a great deal of information on my website to educate yourself on the topic.

Greater London SEO & GoogleLondon Bridge

Four of Google’s five UK offices are located in London (76 Buckingham Palace Road; 123 Buckingham Palace Road; 1-13 St Giles High Street & 6 Pancras Square). Google also have a major data centre in Dublin, Ireland. Google UK had turnover of £4.92 billion in 2015 from a global total of £56 billion. Considering that Google make 90% of their revenue from a combination of search and display advertising & around 71% of search traffic goes to organic not paid search we can deduce that the theoretical SEO market for organic Google search traffic in the UK is £4.92 billion*0.9/29*71= £10.84 billion per year.

£104 billion was spent online in the UK via online retailers in 2014.


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If you’re keen for the short form entry into SEO consultant services & want to reserve me for consulting or training you can contact me here. I am able to offer in person meetings with clients & prospective clients in London, Cumbria, Manchester, Essex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent & throughout the United Kingdom by appointment.SEO UK

The Internet economy contributes 12.4 percent of GDP in the UK vs. a G-20 average of just 5.3 percent. The British digital economy will top £200 billion this year. There are 59,538,545 internet users in the United Kingdom – the 10th highest in the world. There are 21,455,580 fixed-broadband subscriptions – the 9th highest percentage of any country with a population of over 1,000,000 people.

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