SEO & PPC for the UK Betting Industry

Remote gambling, better known as online gambling, is the UEFA Champions League of SEO consulting. The majority of major online betting operations have either a mid-sized inhouse SEO team or a major contract with an SEO agency. In excess of 83% of these contracts are never renewed. Fewer than 3% of all such SEO agency contracts are renewed twice. Managers in the actual Champions League have a longer shelf life. For this reason the majority of the major players go the inhouse SEO team route – although staff turnover in this sub-sector is, predictably, stratospheric.

That’s why I’m often sought to review the work of these inhouse SEO teams and/or outside contracted SEO agencies. In the major of cases improvements across almost all SEO KPI metrics can be improved by fundamental errors that have simply been overlooked by fly by night SEO cowboys who’ve attempted to sprint before they can crawl. I am a digital marketing company alternative with a focus on helping my high level customers retain and expand organic search market share across several high stakes sectors.

In no other field can the value of one single visit or one single click be discerned than in online gambling. SEO, PPC, Social Media marketing are the lifeblood of every bookmaker online. Millions are spent on offline advertising for bookies & as much or more is spent online. The Gambling Commissionª claim that between April 2015 and March 2016 online gambling operators generated a Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) of £4.5billion. Online gambling makes up fully a third of all gambling revenue in the United Kingdom & that percentage is destined to rise in the years ahead.

My SEO skills are suited to the hyper-competitive online gambling organic search space. To play in such a market requires SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Social Media and Link Building efforts that are methodical; intense & consistent. Sportsbook, Casino, Poker, Slots and Lottery sector websites are in a constant, high stakes game of trying to lure gamblers to their services.

Online gambling is one of the easiest & most lucrative spaces to exploit my SEO knowledge. By easy I don’t mean the sector is easy merely that the ultra competitive search space of online gambling offers an opportunity to sort the men from the boys in organic search.

Additionally & uniquely among the handful of competent SEO consultants fit for purpose in this sector in the UK I am an experienced online gambler myself – with nearly two decades worth of (marginally) profitable gambling behind me – I understand this industry. I know the market and I know the punters.

I will work with only one vendor per sector:

  • Sportsbook
  • Casino
  • Poker
  • Slots
  • Lottery

I also offer exclusivity in the many cases where a vendor operates across several or all of those spaces. Certain sportsbook/casino/online gambling vendors seem to be impressed by an SEO agency who can list several of their competitors as clients when the very clear & obvious conflict of interest seems to be overlooked by otherwise intelligent business-people possibly as a result of coming in the wake of all of the tech & Google algorithm talk they really don’t understand along with the overpriced coffee in an overpriced swanky office they’re going going to end up paying for… You need an SEO specialist who is going to bat for you & only you.

To find out more about what I can offer your sportsbook, casino and/or online gambling domain please get in touch.

The Top 10 players in organic search on

  1. (owned by 888 Holdings plc)888
  2. (owned by Ladbrokes Coral Group plc; listed on London Stock Exchange and a component of the FTSE All-Share,FTSE 350 Low Yield,FTSE 250,FTSE All-Share (ex IT),FTSE 350 (ex IT),FTSE MID 250 (ex IT),FTSE 350)ladbrokes
  3. (owned by Paddy Power Betfair plc)betfair
  4. (owned by William Hill plc)williamhill
  5. (owned by Paddy Power Betfair plc)paddypower
  6. (owned by Denise Coates & family)
  8. (owned by Ladbrokes Coral Group plc)
  9. (owned by Cashcade Ltd)

Women spend relatively highly on both Casino games and Casual games. The average time of play at the same gambling website is 6 months. 80% of deposits are made within one minute of registration. Narrower niches for individual games are preferable within PPC & time targeting should focus on the evenings when spending by gamblers is highest. SEO requires targeting different search terms/by game on different pages. Of the £4.5 billion in Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) generated online:

  • £2.6 billion came from casino games,
  • £1.6 billion from betting,
  • £152 million from betting exchanges,
  • £153 million from bingo,
  • £26 million from pool betting,
  • £1.8 billion from Online slot machines

Betting Search Terms Worth £1,000,000 or more per Year for #1

casino £14,248,278.00
slots £10,934,114.40
online casino £10,208,743.44
bet £9,943,633.20
roulette £6,942,650.40
betting sites £4,471,369.92
online slots £4,196,280.00
ladbrokes £3,182,400.00
spread betting £2,353,348.08
poker £2,347,448.40
free bets £2,279,912.16
casino online £2,205,941.76
slot machines £2,158,426.08
online betting £2,072,962.32
live casino £2,006,968.32
slot games £1,753,551.36
football betting £1,516,242.24
online casino uk £1,454,993.28
live roulette £1,429,925.76
online roulette £1,413,573.12
888 casino £1,403,622.00
slots online £1,346,040.96
sports betting £1,135,529.28
mobile casino £1,099,739.52
best online casino £1,096,899.84
casino games £1,058,449.92
betonline £1,003,068.00

Betting Search Terms in the UK by Volume:

For the purposes of brevity I’ve limited the listing to search terms with 5,000 or more monthly searches.

Keyword Monthly Searches (UK)
bet 90,500
horse racing tips 74,000
poker 60,500
casino 49,500
slots 49,500
888 casino 49,500
gala casino 40,500
football tips 40,500

A single click for the search term ‘casino’ can fetch £70.55; ‘slots’ £54.14 & ‘online roulette gambling’ a most blowing £159.80. The total value of online search for online gambling in the UK is – to my estimation – £395,051,628.00 per year at current rates. The nominal value of holding #1 for the 608 biggest search terms in online gambling in the UK for one year is a mighty £134,317,553.52. Below is a listing – again for the purposes of brevity I’ve limited the listing to search terms in casino/sports gambling in the UK with an Annualized Value of holding #1 of £250,000 or more..

Keyword Monthly Searches (UK) Suggested bid Nominal Size of Online SEO/Search Market in the UK Alone Per Month Annualized Value of Holding #1
casino 49,500 £70.55 £3,492,225.00 £14,248,278.00
slots 49,500 £54.14 £2,679,930.00 £10,934,114.40
online casino 27,100 £92.33 £2,502,143.00 £10,208,743.44
bet 90,500 £26.93 £2,437,165.00 £9,943,633.20
roulette 22,200 £76.65 £1,701,630.00 £6,942,650.40
betting sites 27,100 £40.44 £1,095,924.00 £4,471,369.92
online slots 12,100 £85.00 £1,028,500.00 £4,196,280.00
ladbrokes 1,500,000 £0.52 £780,000.00 £3,182,400.00
spread betting 8,100 £71.21 £576,801.00 £2,353,348.08
poker 60,500 £9.51 £575,355.00 £2,347,448.40
free bets 27,100 £20.62 £558,802.00 £2,279,912.16
casino online 6,600 £81.92 £540,672.00 £2,205,941.76
slot machines 22,200 £23.83 £529,026.00 £2,158,426.08
online betting 12,100 £41.99 £508,079.00 £2,072,962.32
live casino 3,600 £136.64 £491,904.00 £2,006,968.32
slot games 12,100 £35.52 £429,792.00 £1,753,551.36
football betting 14,800 £25.11 £371,628.00 £1,516,242.24

Betting Industry Websites:

Association of British Bookmakers

ªThe Gambling Commission was established under the Gambling Act 2005 and assumed full powers in 2007, taking over responsibility from the Gaming Board for Great Britain, in regulating arcades, betting, bingo, casinos, slot machines and lotteries, but not spread betting (regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority).

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