SEO & PPC Specialist London

Your business is unique… right? Your online marketing consultant’s strategy should be too. There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution in this game. Invariably a combination of organic search, paid search, paid social media and perhaps organic social media will likely provide the answer – but in what ratios?

Ask an SEO consultant and he or she will tell you – organic search is the be all and end all. Ask a PPC consultant and they will say the same thing. Ditto the paid and organic social media campaign manager. None are, of course, correct. And none really give a monkey’s just so long as they can invoice you at the end of the month. Now this is where I’m different. Because I can provide you with all of the above I have no bias when advising you on where you focus your online marketing attentions on beyond wanting your business to not only survive but thrive – enabling you to be in a position to pay my invoices for longer. A truly symbiotic relationship.

My operational time is divided between three core areas:

  • Organic Search (SEO) focusing on Shopify, WordPress/WooCommerce, & Magento websites. Services include: SEO Audit/SEO Site Assessment & ongoing Full-Service SEO management.
  • Paid Search (PPC Account Management) – Google AdWords; Microsoft Bing Ads & Yahoo Gemini.
  • Paid Social Media Marketing (Facebook Ads, LinkedIN, Twitter Ads & YouTube Ads)

Who is Matt Hamilton?

I am a one person, stream-lined, operation limited to no more than a dozen active client projects (at most) at any one time & as such am able to be selective about which projects I chose to take on. Where you business is going or could be going with my help is more important to me than where it is now. Learn more about who I am, my educational and business background by visiting my biography page.

Why pick me as your SEO, PPC & Paid Social Media Marketing consultant?

  • You’d be the only client in your sector – no conflict of interest, ever.
  • I’d be working on your website’s digital footprint personally. I don’t resell your business to India or anywhere else.
  • I’m a digital marketing specialist – not a jack of all trades.
  • I offer complete flexibility – open to all manner of contractual obligations, incentives & options.
  • I am a believer – show me the impossible & I’ll come back to you with a working plan to achieve it.
  • I offer an honest & transparent service.
  • I bring superb value for money to the marketplace by not loading up on unsustainable overheads as many SEO, PPC & Paid Social Media Marketing agencies & companies do – this economic fat erodes the value offering.
  • My service is one built on sustainability, not quick wins.

What do I charge for my SEO & PPC consulting?

The full rates options for my consulting services are as follows:

  • SEO Remuneration Guide.
  • PPC Account Set Up from £199.00.
  • PPC Account Management from 9% of ad spend. Performance Based Fee; Hourly Rate & Flat Fee options also available.
  • Paid Social Media Set Up from £299.00.
  • Paid Social Media Account Management from 10% of ad spend. Performance Based Fee; Hourly Rate & Flat Fee options also available.
  • Custom SEO & organic search solutions for your online enterprise.
  • Long term partnerships that are symbiotic – veritable win, wins not quick fixes… you do what you do, I do what I do & we both laugh all the way to the bank.
  • I focus on keywords with a Google Adwords equivalent price of upwards of £10.00 per click and/or a total organic market value of £250,000 per month.

PPC Consultant

  • I offer free assessments of an existing campaign or recommendations and costs for a new campaign.
  • I take the time to understand your business.
  • I am available to update you via email.
  • I share my track record without disclosing existing client’s confidential information.
  • I don’t make promises – I set targets that are both ambitious yet realistic.
  • Clear deliverables.
  • Successful businesses understand that they must spend money to make money, and they understand that a well-run PPC campaign can make them money.

Social Media Marketing Consultant

  • Strategic targeting of those potential customers who can have the biggest impact on your revenue and profits.
  • The most cost effective exploitation of the social media marketing opportunity.

I trust that you will find my content honest, informative & helpful. I sincerely feel I have something to offer your business as your organic/paid search engine & or paid social media marketing consultant.