SEO Packages, Audits & Advisory Consultant Service

* Please note that prices are by default in British Pounds but for international clients we simply convert to your currency at the exchange rate at the time work commences.

** All quoted prices for SEO services (management, audits and advice) can be customised into bespoke offerings upon request.

Cheap Attracts Cheap

Some people may find this offensive, but experience has shown me over and over that the people who fight you over price will never stop fighting you. It’s easy to think that, since you’ve given them a discount and gave into their demands, they’ll appreciate you more and manage their own expectations, but that’s never happened to me in over 10 years of working with clients.

It’s almost never about the money – there are some people who just think vendors are meant to be beaten. If you win, they lose. Unfortunately, that means they’ll never see your relationship as win-win. I’ve learnt to recognise these clients during negotiation, and get out whilst I can. I’m not the cheapest SEO in London – but I am the best informed, educated & spirited – that is to say I offer a premium service – sending traffic, revenue & profits your way in exchange for a reasonable service fee that allows us both to profit from your website’s success.

My SEO services are divided into three areas:

  1. Ongoing SEO Management
  2. Once off SEO Auditing
  3. SEO Advice

Ongoing SEO Management is in turn tiered into: Basic, Plus, Pro & Ultimate options. SEO Auditing is offered at Basic & Pro levels whilst SEO Advice comes in Basic, Plus & Pro vintages.

SEO Management Plans for Ongoing SEO Support

Plans built for objectives of all sizes. Custom options are available upon request. I provide SEO Consulting to entrepreneurs, individual businesses and in house teams who need advice on improving their SEO. SEO packages as detailed below are all subject to availability.

per month
Advanced SEO Package
The VIP plan for the ultra ambitious
Everything in Pro, and:
Advanced KW Research
Unlimited Keywords
Feedback Daily
Google My Business
Skype Consultations
per month
Intermediate SEO Package
Everything you need to build an organic presence
Everything in Plus, and:
50 Keywords
Internal linking
Website error fixing
Feedback Weekly
Google Penalty Assessment
per month
Standard SEO Package
Great for ambitious owners who want more
Everything in Basic, and:
SEO Audit
20 Keywords
Link Detox
Feedback Fortnightly
Discovery Interview
per month
Starter SEO Package
An entry level service for those just starting out
KW Research
10 Keywords
Industry analysis
Feedback Monthly

SEO Audit Options for Once Off Auditing of Your Organic Footprint

Pro Audit
Once Off
Everything in Basic, and:
50 Point Check
Strategic Objectives
Page Level Analysis
Content Analysis
User Experience Analysis
Citation Analysis
Basic Audit
Once Off
20 Point Check
Keyword Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Technical Analysis
Link Analysis
Mobile Friendly Check

SEO Advisory Service Rates

Pro Advice
Once Off
90 Minute Discovery Interview
210 Minute Review
150 Minute Feedback
Book Now
Plus Advice
Once Off
60 Minute Discovery Interview
120 Minute Review
60 Minute Feedback
Book Now
Basic Advice
Once Off
20 Minute Discovery Interview
60 Minute Review
20 Minute Feedback
Book Now

Fixed Hourly SEO Rate

My ability to take on fixed hourly rate SEO work is very limited & strictly subject to availability – going on recent history I’ve been available for under 50 hours per annum outside of package obligations in 4 of the last 5 years. That being said – my SEO Consulting hourly rate is: £450 for the first hour; £280 for the second hour & £180 for hours three to ten – £97.50 per hour thereafter when block booked & block paid for upfront.