SEO Consultant Fees

Independent Contractor SEO Consultant Rates

I offer a range of SEO consultancy services from operational support to executive consultancy. In keeping with the professional model adopted by hedge funds I charge a management fee and a performance fee. Management fees are intended to cover my operating costs. Performance fees are intended to provide an incentive to generate profits and are paid monthly, quarterly or annually depending on what has been negotiated. Management fees are calculated as a percentage of revenue and typically range from 1% to 4%, with 2% being standard. The performance fee is typically 20% of profits, though it can range between 5% and 50% depending on the scale of your operation and the scope of my consultancy. The performance fee only applies to net profits.

My fee structure is intended to make my services a value offering supportive of profitability in your enterprise.

I offer bespoke SEO consulting services & am able to tailor a quote for my SEO services to your company’s unique requirements. Asset managers like dealing with me because I talk in terms of Liquidity on the Balance Sheet; Earnings Growth and Growth of Net Income on the Income Statement; Return on Assets; Operating Cash Flow; Net Trade Cycle; EBITDA – in short, I’m economically literate, talented & flexible. If your business is looking for Sustainable Revenue Growth online I can find a way to work with you. So get in touch. You have nothing to lose & maybe, just maybe, we can forge a profitable business relationship.

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