SEO Agency Model – The Greedy Leading The Gullible

The SEO agency has never worked – and guess what? It never will.

That is because the SEO agency model is based on unworkable expectations and untenable, fictional payoffs. Imagine entering into a partnership with someone who controls 95% of your success (or otherwise) whilst you control no more than 2 or 3% of their success. In a nutshell that is what the agency model of SEO offers the marketplace – smoke and mirrors/pie in the sky.

Otherwise intelligent business people turn into morons in the face of but a morsel of jargon related to search engines for some odd reason. I have seen instances where hundreds of thousands of pounds are gifted to both incompetent and largely corrupt ‘SEO agencies’ before the penny drops. So let me make a long story short – fees of £750 to £3,500 per month to merely explain to you why you are failing in terms of organic search denote nothing short of fraud. Now whilst even the few competent SEO companies/consultants/experts/agencies (depending on which market you are operating within) can take upwards of three months to see even the most modest semblance of success but agencies are too used to ripping off clients to realise that eventually they will be exposed for the parasites that they are.

Tell tale signs the SEO agency you are incapacitated by is full of it…

  • Beware of amazing promises about link building – five years ago manipulative link building practices were simply useless rather than counterproductive but in more recent times Google have started to actually penalise websites found to have engaged in manipulative link building. I have consulted with perhaps three dozen such victims of the incompetence of other SEO agencies who based their link building program on tactics deemed illegal by Google. The recovery can be difficult, lengthy & expensive.
  • SEO agencies/firms should have a phone number, an office & a Companies House listing. Many foreign based ‘SEO agencies’ are little more than mass mailing operations with little more authenticity than purveyors of male enhancement pills via email. Make sure you are dealing with a legitimate company, agency and/or consultant as defined by common law.
  • whilst not all agencies/firms/consultants will be able to offer testimonials due to (the few competent ones) possessing Non-Disclosure Agreements – consultants should be able to speak authoritatively about working either within your industry or very near to it. In the absence of advertised testimonials that are check-able make sure to vet your SEO agency/consultant by quizzing them on industry specific issues you are having with your organic growth curve.
  • Ask for a rolling contract as opposed to a 6, 9 or 12 month SEO agency contract. You are going to want to have the easiest, cheapest exit strategy once the non-performance hits the fan.

I don’t blame folks for signing up to these incompetent, waste of time, money and effort services any more than I blame my wife for getting ripped off by the local MOT provider or shopping mall based premium skincare provider. If you want to avoid getting ripped off by an SEO agency which constitute the majority of the industry in my humble opinion you need to learn the basics of search & online marketing in general – for your own sake. The unpalatable reality is that so long as you remain ignorant of basal market conditions you are susceptible to being lied to and taken advantage of by unscrupulous SEO vendors.

Feel free to contact me to review your SEO agency’s performance.