Running Order: Crolla vs. Linares Card

Running order and weights


5.05pm                 6 x 3 mins Light Heavyweight Contest

LIAM CONROY (12st 8lbs 5oz)     v      BAPTISTE CASTEGNARO (12st 3lbs 1oz)

(Barrow-in-Furness)                               (France)


5.30pm                 4 x 3 mins Middleweight Contest

NATHAN WHEATLEY                       v                        DAN BLACKWELL

(Warrington)                                                                                      (Trowbridge)


5.50pm                 4 x 3 mins Middleweight Contest

MARK JEFFERS                                  v                              BEN HEAP

(Chorley)                                                                             (Swindon)


6.25pm                 8 x 3 mins Middleweight Contest

MARCUS MORRISON (11st 6lbs)                v                              MATIOUZE ROYER (11st 4lbs 4oz)

(Manchester)                                                                                    (France)


7pm                       4 x 3 mins Light-Heavyweight Contest

LYNDON ARTHUR                             v                              ANDY NEYLON

(Manchester)                                                                    (Hull)


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10 x 3 mins Light-Heavyweight Contest

HOSEA BURTON (12st 8lbs 7oz)  v                       FERNANDO CASTANEDA (12st 7lbs 2oz)

(Manchester)                                                                    (Mexico)

Followed by

6 x 3 mins Welterweight Contest

CONOR BENN (10st 7lbs 9oz)      v                              ROSS JAMESON (10st 2lbs 8oz)

(Ilford)                                                                                  (Middlesbrough)

Followed by

12 x 3 mins Vacant Commonwealth Light-Heavyweight Contest

CALLUM JOHNSON (12st 6lbs 5oz) v        WILLBEFORCE SHIHEPO (12st 4lbs 8oz)

(Boston)                                                             (Namibia)

Followed by

12 x 3 mins WBA International Middleweight Championship

JOHN RYDER (11st 5lbs 6oz)         v                              JACK ARNFIELD (11st 5lbs 4oz)

(Islington)                                                           (Blackpool)

Followed by

12 x 3 mins WBA, WBC Diamond and Ring magazine Lightweight Championship

ANTHONY CROLLA (9st 8lbs 5oz)               v              JORGE LINARES (9st 8lbs 2oz)

(Manchester)                                                                    (Venezuela)



6 x 3 mins Featherweight Contest

ISAAC LOWE (9st 8oz)                                    v              ELVIS GUILLEN (9st 8oz)

(Morecambe)                                                  (Nicaragua)