The Question No One Is Asking About Nick Blackwell But Should Be

The Nick Blackwell injury (updates available here) has given rise to informed & uninformed queries about the actions and inaction’s of both the referee Victor Loughlin & Blackwell’s trainer Gary Lockett. Regardless of your stance on their respective performances the fact remains that their decisions to continue as long as they did were based on inherently subjective matters¬†with at best loose frameworks for choice either way. There is though, something, that just about everyone isn’t asking – a question that I find very disquieting indeed.

Have a look at the image below… a close look… taken after the fight had ended but before Blackwell had collapsed: (image removed)

A dilating (getting larger) pupil following a head injury is an important danger sign. When the doctor was checking Blackwell’s vision through his closing left eye would the clearly enlarged visible right pupil not have thrown up warning signs – objective ones at that – to any competent medical professional? Why was he allowed to stand around in the ring for a further 5 to 12 minutes before collapsing before emergency medical treatment was dispensed?¬†

Remember that the in ring area is a very well lit one & the size of Blackwell’s pupils above are incongruous with the level of light he was being exposed to under those lighting conditions.

Fixed and dilated pupils are well known to be related to a poor prognosis, especially when present bilaterally (on both eyes – which here we obviously can’t see). This symptom indicates injury or compression of the third cranial nerve and the upper brain stem, mainly caused by an extending intracranial mass lesion or by diffuse brain injury.

There are questions that need answering but not from the initial rung of publicly named suspects to this point.