MP Warned Of Baby Death Surgeon 7 YEARS AGO!

Premature baby died minutes after doctor accidentally sliced inch-long gash into her head during botched emergency caesarean, inquest hears

From The Daily Mail dated 25 September 2018 (today)

“Consultant Paul Flynn, who specialises in obstetrics, was in charge of delivering the baby.

He explained how he cut through the placenta in order to minimise any blood loss – initially with a knife and then using a finger to make a hole in the cavity.

He used a scalpel to cut through what he thought was membrane but turned out to be the top of the baby’s head.

Giving evidence at the hearing he said: ‘What presented to me looked like membranes pushing through. In hindsight it was not just that.'”

From The Independent dated Friday 22 July 2011

“An NHS Trust is using a gagging order in a “cover-up” to prevent patients from discovering that they were operated on by an “untrained” cancer surgeon against national guidelines.

An MP has called for a parliamentary inquiry after revealing in the House of Commons that at least 100 patients were operated on by the gynaecologist at a Swansea hospital over a three-year period.

The Trust refused to alert the women “that they had been operated on by an untrained surgeon”, the Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming told the Commons, despite several senior colleagues raising concerns about the surgeon’s competency to perform the operations, he said.

“Dr Paul Flynn, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist… from 2002 to 2005 performed over 100 operations on cancer patients against national guidelines. Concerns about Dr Flynn had been passed since 2003 to medical director, Dr John Calvert, who had hired him.

“However, Dr Flynn was only prevented from treating cancer patients in May 2005 after six surgeons complained directly about his poor respect of tissues, questionable knowledge of anatomy, lack of appreciation of what is on X-rays, and lack of a realistic surgical approach to cancer.””