Mo Farah, Usain Bolt & Chris Froome: Chemical Brothers?

Usain Bolt. Among men who are lifetime clean Usain Bolt holds the fastest 15 times ever run by any man. Let’s have a look at some of the known dopers this guy is miles ahead of: Steve Mullings – who was banned for life for doping & ‘only’ had a personal best of 9.80 – that’s 2.3% slower than Bolt – who we are asked to believe is clean. Tyson Gay (9.69); Yohan Blake (9.69); Asafa Powell (9.72) & Justin Gatlin (9.74) are just a smattering of other known dopers who the IAAF & WADA want us to believe Bolt has bested.

Usain Bolt
Doesn’t calling one of these two a doper seem, kind of, ridiculous?

Mo Farah. Farah was a 14:05.72 5000m runner at age 17; a 13:56.31 5000m runner at 18; stalled at 14:00.5 over 5000m as a 19 year old; moved to 13:38.41 at age 20; did no better than 14:25 as a 21 year old; 13:30.53 at age 22; 13:09.40 at age 23; 13:07.00 at age 24; 13:08.11 at age 25; 13:09.14 at age 26; then SUDDENLY in 2010 he miraculously – after four years of his physical prime being stuck at or around the 13:07-13:09 mark – drops 15 odd seconds to 12:57.94 in 2010 at age 27. 15 seconds at that world class level is the equivalent of 96 metres. Had he been slacking when he was 23, 24, 25, 26? What changed? Enter Alberto Salazar – a man who was once read the last rites on a marathon course due to what many believe was PED usage – & the little matter of two missed drug tests owing to a ‘door bell issue’ & there is more than enough reason to suspect that what nuclear physicist Brendan Foster calls Britain’s greatest ever athlete is nothing more than a manufactured fraud. Salazar also trains Galen Rupp who himself admits to being on testosterone from the age of 16. The head of the Nike Oregon Project was a pacemaker for close friend Lance Armstrong in the 2006 New York Marathon. Kara Goucher – bronze medallist in the 10,000m World Championships in 2007 – claimed she was pressured by Salazar to take performance enhancing drugs. Additionally Mo has been known to train with (& post photos of said training to social media) with Qatari drug cheat Hamza Driouch who was banned from athletics for 2 years for abnormalities in his biological passport profile. Additionally Mo’s good friend Jama Eden was arrested just 6 weeks ago in possession of the illegal blood booster EPO by Spanish police.

Jama Aden (left) and Mo Farah in Ethiopia
Jama Aden (left) and Mo Farah in Ethiopia.
Mo Farah pictured running with Qatari drug cheat Hamza Driouch
Mo Farah pictured running with Qatari drug cheat Hamza Driouch
Mo Farah
Mo Farah with Galen Rupp & Lance Armstrong’s mate Alberto Salazar.

Chris Froome. Christopher Froome (Sky) rode the 3,403.5 km 2013 Tour De France in a time of 83hr 56min 40sec which means he averaged a speed of 40.545 km/hr. That’s a faster average speed than Lance Armstrong managed in 1999 (40.276 km/hr); 2000 (39.556 km/hr); 2001 (40.07 km/hr); 2002 (39.88 km/hr over 3,277.5 km) & almost identical to 2004 (40.553 km/hr). So we’re asked to believe that a ‘clean’ Froome of Team Sky – who ‘made the mistake of employing a doctor under investigation for doping cyclists’ – beats Lance 4 times out of 7 – and virtually drew level with him on another occasion. The only 2 Tours where Armstrong rode clearly faster than Froome were in 2003 (40.956 km/hr) & 2005 (41.654 km/hr). That’s a maximum difference (over 7 different tours) of just 2.7% slower in 2005 (vs Froome in 2013) & 2.5% faster in 2000 (vs Froome in 2015). Of course there is significantly less investigative impulse into any current doping among cycling’s elite in large part due to the post-Armstrong death of cycling as a sport of mass spectator appeal in the United States. Froome, since switching allegiances from Kenya to the United Kingdom, is certainly doing better for himself than Frikalsi Oebesay (Eritrea) who beat a 22 year old into bronze at the 2007 All-Africa Games or any of Gebrihiwot Merhawi (Eritrea); Thomas Desvaux (Mauritius); Yannick Lincoln (Mauritius) or Hanco Kachelhoffer (South Africa) who were given the same time in that race. Maintaining a speed of 40.545 km/hr for 3,403.5 km in 2013 at age 28 is quite an achievement for a guy who could only hold a speed of 47.13 km/h for a mere 29.5 km in 2008’s individual time trial in Stage 4 of the Tour De France. That’s 86% speed maintained for a distance 11,437% longer. Of course the many middle class cheerleaders of Britain’s sudden spate of cycling wonders will claim the entire 2013 was a vertical drop & that the propaganda bicycle manufacturers make up to separate them from £9,000 plus per bike is true – that is – he just has a MUCH better bike than Lance but that explanation is laughable.

Chris Froome
Perhaps more aerodynamic hair explains how Froome went from #3 in the cycling powerhouse of Africa to 3 time Tour De France winner – besting 4 of Lance Armstrong’s average speeds in the process.