Matt Hamilton Biography: Who, What, When & Why?

Matt Hamilton is a search (both organic & paid) engine expert & the founder of Matt Hamilton Ltd. In this role, Matt looks after all aspects of both organic & paid search for client vendors, including onsite & offsite SEO; Adwords campaign management (Bid Management & Optimization; Ad Targeting; Ad Copy & Landing Pages) and digital strategy.

I make more money for my clients because I take the time to understand how your revenue stream and profitability works – in short, I make the effort to understand your business. This understanding means I know who your optimal clients are & how they could find you online. I then apply stochastic modelling to the ‘problem of your profitability’ – estimating probability distributions of potential outcomes by allowing for random variation in one or more inputs over time. This random variation is based on fluctuations observed in historical data. In a nutshell – I beat your competitors in paid search with superior decisions based on more shrewd buying decisions based on complex mathematics at the virtual auction that is Google Adwords. 

A big believer in the power of the internet to connect minds across space, Matt supports net neutrality. Matt Hamilton studied economics & actuarial science at the University of Cape Town (South Africa). Frustrated with the idea of co-opting his intellect to the insurance industry Matt decided that the burgeoning digital economy would be where he would make his mark.

Matt helps online businesses to gain organic traction via Google search. Hamilton offers a range of services, from SEO consulting, to training and audits. Google represent a collection of perhaps the greatest mass concentration of intelligence ever assembled & Matt possesses an obsessive love of pitting his wits against them.

Drawing on 10 years experience in organic search, digital marketing and an educational background in advanced financial math, Matt Hamilton now focuses mainly on Google search & SEO consulting. Matt lives & works in the South London district of Tooting in the Borough of Wandsworth, 5 miles south south-west of Charing Cross. Tooting is the home of Sadiq Khan; 24 Hours in A&E; The Broadway Market; Tooting Bec Lido & St George’s Hospital.

The Matt Hamilton Story

Matt worked for a nominally well known SEO agency in Cape Town for 6 months prior to going it alone – a response to what he regarded as under-servicing of client needs & a less than stellar monthly remuneration package of less than £200 per month. So with little more than extreme believe in his own ability; no computer; no internet connection & a freshly printed restraint of trade agreement Matt set about creating his own SEO consultancy. Clients flocked to Matt despite the limitations of having to literally live in a 24 hour internet cafe for 6 months – where he’d go hungry in order to pay for internet access to start with.

Matt’s first mega-success came with a luxury travel vendor for whom he achieved no fewer than 650 Google Top 10 rankings in the American marketplace for five star hotel and accommodation names, brands & generic terms. The client ended up ranking higher for [hotel name] than many of the official hotel websites themselves.

Q & A’s

Q: Do you speak English?
A: I’m an English first language speaker – South Africa was of course settled by the British & the Dutch in the 1600’s – my direct lineage stems from the post-World War 2 influx of British farmers & settlers to Rhodesia – Scottish on the Mother’s side & English/Welsh on the Sperm Donor’s side. I’m proficient in the English language to the point of being published in TIME Magazine (English language version). My spoken English is sometimes mistaken for one of Australian, New Zealander, Canadian or American.
Q: Are you permanently based in the United Kingdom?
A: Yes I am – have an English wife, two English cats & a permanent English home to prove it too.
Q: Are you available to advise me in a one off basis?
A: Yes. Subject to availability I am able to provide once off advice to online entrepreneurs about search and search marketing.
Q: Do you offer Non-Disclosure Agreements to clients?
A: Yes, I offer all clients a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Q: Do you guarantee improvements in rankings, traffic or revenue?
A: No. And you should be very suspicious of anyone who does. I can only guarantee that better compliance with search engine guidelines and a stronger inbound link authority should lead to gains across all metrics.
Q: What is the fastest you have got a site to #1?
A: 36 hours.

SEO Consultant London

Whilst able to service clients globally & throughout the UK (remotely or via Skype) I am able to meet in person to discuss your organic SEO requirements & general search marketing (including PPC) strategy & planning at any of the following areas of London, the Home Counties & Cumbria:

Euston; Holborn; King’s Cross St. Pancras & Warren Street. Preferred meeting place: German Gymnasium; 1 King’s Boulevard | 26 Pancras Road, London N1C 4BU, England.
Bank; Barbican; Blackfriars; Liverpool Street; Monument; Moorgate & St. Paul’s. Preferred meeting place: Goodman City; 11 Old Jewry, London EC2R 8DU, England.
Baker Street; Bond Street; Covent Garden; Embankment; Green Park; Leicester Square; Marylebone; Oxford Circus; Paddington; Piccadilly Circus; Tottenham Court Road; Victoria & Westminster. Preferred meeting place: The Goring Dining Room; 15 Beeston Place | Nr Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0JW, England.
Earl’s Court; Knightsbridge & South Kensington. Preferred meeting place: The V&A Cafe; Cromwell Rd, Knightsbridge, London SW7 2RL.
Tooting Broadway. Preferred meeting place: Graveney & Meadow; 40 Mitcham Rd, London SW17 9NA.

For select opportunities I am able to meet in person in the following (mostly) home counties: Bedfordshire; Berkshire; Buckinghamshire; Cambridgeshire; Dorset; Essex; Hampshire; Hertfordshire; Kent; Oxfordshire; Surrey & Sussex (East & West).

I maintain a second home in Cumbria & am able to meet with select potential clients in the county – when in Cumbria I am 56 miles from Kendal; 36 miles from Carlisle; 12 miles from Workington & 8 miles from Cockermouth.