Matchroom Financial Results: Meaner & Leaner

Year to 30 June 2015

Revenue of £34,389,680 [Down £13,807,781 or 28.65% from Year end to 30 June 2014].

Despite the drop in revenue the company are gearing toward a more streamlined operation with the number of employees dropping from 184 to just 61 during the year with wages and salaries dropping from £6,982,681 to £3,822,737 – which is the lowest level in at least 5 years.

Evidence of the enhanced profitability is bore out in the Pre Tax Profits which stood at £9,219,402 for a Pre Tax Profit Margin of 26.81% which is up on the previous years 8.94% and is a quantum leap from previous years.

Profit after tax stood at £7,770,953 – which is more than the previous two years combined.

The companies tax contribution was £1,448,449 or 4.21% of revenue.

The business had a gross margin of 33.92%.

Matchroom‘s now 61 employee’s earned £3,822,737 in salaries & wages which is an average of £62,667.81 per employee per annum in gross pay.

The companies 5 directors shared £1,355,000 in pay or an average of £271,000 each plus £2,397,000 in dividend payments.

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