How Matchroom Made £34 million in 1 Year

£34,389,680 came in to Matchroom Sport coffers between 1 July 2014 & 30 June 2015. This, of course, is spread across all sports with which the promotional powerhouse have involved themselves which have over the years included: snooker; boxing; pool; bowling; golf; fishing; darts; ping pong & poker.

Revenues for the year ended 30 June 2014 were £48.2m meaning that gross revenues were down over £14 million in 2014/2015 with £4.2 million of that stemming from the sale of loss making Leyton Orient FC in July 2014.

The company’s website claim they sell in excess of 500,000 tickets to live sporting events per year. Within the time-frame in question Matchroom Boxing staged the following 18 boxing events:

2015-06-26 Echo Arena (8,863)
2015-05-30 O2 Arena (20,000)
2015-05-28 York Hall (1,500)
2015-05-09 Barclaycard Arena (15,800)
2015-04-11 First Direct Arena (13,500)
2015-04-04 Metro Radio Arena (11,000)
2015-03-28 Sheffield Arena (13,500)
2015-03-07 Ice Arena (10,000)
2015-02-14 Winter Gardens (3,500)
2015-01-31 O2 Arena (20,000)
2014-12-06 York Hall (1,500)
2014-11-22 Echo Arena (8,863)
2014-11-15 3Arena (23,000)
2014-10-25 Hull Arena (3,750)
2014-10-11 O2 Arena (20,000)
2014-10-04 First Direct Arena (13,500)
2014-09-13 Phones 4u Arena (21,000)
2014-07-12 Echo Arena (8,863)

The majority of these events took place at major arenas where face values of tickets range from £40 to up to £500 for certain major boxing events. The gross available attendances at the 18 listed events above totals 218,139. Thus assuming that the company’s claim of over 500,000 ticket sales per annum is true & assuming revenue per ticket is loosely similar between sporting codes (which it probably isn’t) boxing contributes no more than than 43.6% of all source ticket revenue for the company.

Matchroom Sport Limited hold £13,350,661 in cash in the bank which is up around £1.2 million from a year prior. Their current ratio more than doubled to 3.16 from 1.45 the year before – meaning the company’s current assets have more than doubled in relation to their current liabilities.

Current Directors are listed as:
Barry Hearn
Appointed on 13th April 1991

Stephen Dawson
Appointed on 13th April 1991

Eddie Hearn
Appointed on 8th June 2004

Catherine Hearn
Appointed on 1st January 2010

Matthew Porter
Appointed on 1st July 2013

Equity in the Company is split as follows:

Barry Hearn 7,920 Shares

Eddie Hearn 2,000 Shares

Catherine Hearn 2,000 Shares

Susan Hearn 1,920 Shares

The company enjoys an A credit rating score implying ‘considered highly likely to be able to meet their commitments in the foreseeable future.’