Lorenzo Fertitta & Dana White respond to fighter pay backlash

Lately, fighter pay has been at the forefront of talk about MMA as it continues to grow. On Tuesday, the UFC, started construction on a new campus for its headquarters in Las Vegas. Given the cost of the new building, there were some cries by some saying the move was a slap in the face for fighters.

“That’s always going to be an issue. If we distributed 200 percent of our revenues, people would be complaining about fighter pay. The fact of the matter is, fighter pay has continued to increase every single year that we’ve owned the company. We pay way more than anybody else in this space. You do have some fighters that maybe aren’t happy with what they get. But at the end of the day, the fighters that achieve great things in this sport and get to the level of actually being able to make a career out of it, you don’t see many of those athletes complaining. The guys that are rising to the top are making the majority of the money. Relative to this, we’re making an investment in the future so that the company can continue to go on and achieve even bigger things, so that the revenue will continue to grow, and obviously that will continue to flow down to the fighters. This is no different than any other business.” UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta

“We’re going to continue to progress and grow the sport. We were in desperate need of new offices and this facility, I think, is going to be a home run and take the sport to the next level – and maybe other sports, too.” said Dana White on Tuesday.

Dana White