Google Lens: Search the Web With Your Phone’s Camera

Google Lens integrates Google’s search engine with a smartphone’s camera. By taking a photo with Google Lens your camera will be able to recognize objects and search for them on the web. Another demo showed connecting to a WiFi network after taking a picture of the name and password.

A further search-related example involving taking a picture of a restaurant menu in a foreign language. Google Lens returned both a translated version of the menu and pictures of the dishes. Google Lens can source information from Google My Business and Google Maps. By taking a photo of a restaurant you can see reviews, hours of operation, contact information, and more.

Google Lens can also work with Google Assistant. After taking a picture of a venue, Google Assistant offers to help with buying tickets and adding the event to Google Calendar.

It is unknown when Google Lens will launch, but when it does it won’t be a standalone application. Google Lens will be available with Google Assistant and Google Photos.