GGG vs Brook: £5.1m Gross Greater Than Sum of Parts

Chris Eubank Junior (aided & abetted by Senior) missed out on an opportunity to borrow Carl Froch’s terminology become an ‘international superstar’. Having been given the same PPV deal afforded Anthony Joshua & the aforementioned Froch – the brainstrust behind Junior chose to play a one-sided game of chicken with their own promoter & gifted the opportunity to fellow Matchroom fighter Kell Brook.

Since claiming his alphabet soup belt on 16 August 2014 against Shawn Porter Brook has consistently found himself in the most frustrating of holding patterns as major bouts with the likes of Amir Khan; Manny Pacquiao & Floyd Mayweather have all been mentioned, aimed for & then summarily failed to materialise. Forgettable & commercially flat bouts against lower tier opposition have threatened to pigeonhole Brook as a high end paper champion in recent times.

Kell Brook made his switch to Matchroom in 2011 – making him one of the promotional powerhouse’s longest standing clients. Still a relatively young 30 years of age he remains perhaps the second most important currently active project on Eddie Hearn’s agenda currently. He also enjoys vastly superior personal relations with Hearn than does Team Eubank.

Golovkin for his part has misfired as the face of a depleted HBO Boxing offering on a pay-per-view basis in the post-Mayweather era. The matching of the two though could present a masterstroke from a commercial perspective. Over the last 12 months GGG has averaged some 40,500 Google searches from the United Kingdom from a global total of 301,000 making it his second biggest centre of interest behind the United States (with 135,000).

The realistic Pay Per View range in Britain is somewhere between 45,000 & 175,000 – meaning television revenue of anywhere between £762,750 & £2,966,250. Of course fibs will be told of buy rates of 500,000 plus but of course nothing in Sky Plc’s publicly available financials would indicate such figures have ever been attained for a bout of this calibre. Given HBO’s willingness to take a marquee asset overseas it would be expected that they’d pick up the content for free & hold onto international television rights too.

Commercial sponsorship for this bout – from primary sponsors (expected to be a major bookmaker) plus a host of secondary ones can be expected to be bring in a further £275,000 to £450,000.

Gate revenue from ticket sales on the primary market should bring in:

£40 to £500 (mean of £139.50 * 16,500) = £2,301,750

£1,000 (VIP tickets) * 500 = £500,000

Total primary market ticket revenue = £2,801,750

Total Card Revenue should thus reach:

Between £3,839,500 & £6,218,000 – with the various market forces surrounding this event leading me to estimate total event revenue of £5,125,000 should be within 10% of final event revenue.

GGG vs Brook
GGG vs Brook