Open Letter to SA Sports Minister Mr Fikile Mbalula


Dear Mr Mbalula,
*Please not that the contents of this communique are being forwarded to the South African Human Rights Commission; Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation, Mr Gert Oosthuizen; Director General Mr Alec Moemi; Chief Operations Officer Ms Sumayya Khan; Every member of Bafana Bafana’s playing & management staff; as well as the Local & International Press.


I would like to comment on your recent comments pertaining to Bafana Bafana‘s exit from the African Nations Championship. I found your labelling of the team as “a useless bunch of losers” who have “disgraced the country” as treacherous, unpatriotic, duplicitous, masochistically opportunistic & wholly unfitting of someone in any kind of official capacity. You are the disgrace – not just to the nation who has mandated you to foster, nurture & develop sport & the spirit of sport in their land but to the legacy of Nelson Mandela.

“It is the nature of sport that you will have victories & you will have reverses” Nelson Mandela to Lennox Lewis in 2001.

You can’t be a SPORTS Minister if you are not, in your soul, a sportsman/woman/person – & that’s got nothing to do with ability or even participation its got to do with accepting that you win some, you lose some but the spirit in which you participate is always the most important aspect. You are an insult to Mandela & the spirit of sport & that makes him a “useless loser who is a disgrace to the country“.

How in your dimwitted ideology is it acceptable to kick a team, the team who fall under your mandate as a nominally elected official, when they’re down? They lost a football match – to a very capable Giant of Continental football – you lost a lot more than that with your mutterings of a simpleton in the aftermath. One of many, many key differentials between you & Mandela is a core decency – he united a nation where you whore yourself & that of your office for short-run auxiliary glory leveraged from sportsmen who possess talent, athletic ability & professionalism beyond your comprehension.

By any metric (a woman raped every 26 seconds; 99.75% of South African rapists getting away with their crimes & a higher death rate in police custody than many developed nation murder rates; I could go on…) you were a complete & utter failure as Deputy Minister of Police & your recent statements chastising the national soccer team render your resignation from office with immediate effect a matter of urgency.

“Gordon is not the only problem in the team” – you bud are not helping matters. This is a coach who is the sole avenue the national team possesses to long run success & I’d be very very respectful of the value of a man who too good a coach to have to deal with cretins like you on more than an occasional basis. Every country in the world has to negotiate for the release of key players – that’s how it works, in the real world – not the affirmative action nirvana you think you inhabit. Whining about this after the fact makes you look immature & naive.Your complete lack of tactical acumen renders dabbling in international level football a calamitous & fool-hardy endeavour. To publicly state that “We must forget this generation of players” confirms that you are in fact an imbecile. The trouble with an uneducated, idiot son of the corrupt system such as yourself is you vastly over-estimate your worth as an intellectual contributor & vastly under-estimate how little worth yet conversely how potentially damaging your petty, childish outbursts are to the very organization you are mandated to act in the interests of…

You deemed it appropriate to cite the life & legacy of Mandela so I will re-educate you on his stance on the egalitarian potency of sport – “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers.” You Mr. Mbalula are an insult to his legacy – & didn’t your mother ever tell you it is rude to wear (designer) sunglasses when you visit an indoor national heritage site like Mandela’s prison cell? You’re no Madiba & you’re no Mayweather either – so stick to the tax payer paid for Italian suits.

Now go & ask someone to translate the above for you & think very seriously about issuing an apology to the players, management & nation you have offended by outing yourself as nothing more than a half-baked, aspiring despot that Africa has little use for in the 21st century.

Yours Sincerely,

Matthew Hamilton

PS: If your office really seeks to be part of the “social media era” I’d suggest updating your website’s news section more than twice per year.