Famous Men & The Drugs They Used

Hermann Goering – Dihydrocodeine. Found with 20,000 tablets when caught by Allied troops.

Adolf Hitler – took as many as 80 different drugs during the Second World War. This included extracts from the prostate glands of young bulls; cocaine; Testoviron – a medical form of testosterone; amphetamine; opiates, sedatives; laxatives; barbiturates, morphine, bull semen and more.

John F. Kennedy – Demerol; methadone; Ritalin; amphetamines; meprobamate; librium for anxiety; barbiturates; thyroid hormone; gamma globulin; steroids; anti-spasmodics & an anti-psychotic drug.

Elvis Presley – amphetamines; sedatives; barbiturates; cortisone injections; Demerol; methadone; Dilaudid; Tiunal; Desbutal; Escatrol; Placidyl.

Winston Churchill – amphetamines; Seconal; Amytal; Drinamyl

Howard Hughes – Codeine and Valium

Horatio Nelson – opium

Benjamin Franklin – opiates

Charles Dickens – opium

Sigmund Freud – cocaine

Thomas Edison — Cocaine Elixirs

Ike Turner – cocaine

Paul Erdös — Amphetamines

Czar Nicholas II – cocaine; opium; morphine & hallucinogens.

Anthony Eden – amphetamines; morphine; benzedrine.

Richard Feynman — LSD, Marijuana, Ketamine.

Bill Gates — LSD

Steve Jobs — LSD

Francis Crick — LSD

John C. Lilly — LSD, Ketamine

John Belushi – cocaine

Robert Downey Jr. – cocaine

Stephen King – cocaine

Morgan Freeman – marijuana

Vincent van Gogh – Absinthe

Andy Warhol – Adderall