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Every month, 1.65 billion people actively use the social media site Facebook. On average, each user spends 50 minutes using the site daily, which doesn’t sound like that much until you consider it’s more time than is spent on any other leisure activity except for watching TV.

Facebook advertising best practices

  1. Determine your objectives before you start. Know the purpose of your Facebook Ad before you decide on a budget. Understand if the aim is to increase for brand awareness or conversions. Every action by your audience on Facebook ads costs money, so get clear on your objectives before forking out ad spend.
  2. Be specific with audience targeting. Facebook has billions of data points. Narrow your audience targeting to make your ad will appear where the people you want to see it will be.
  3. Rotate ads regularly. Avoid ad fatigue by rotating your Facebook ads often. ‘Ad fatigue’ is when people see your ad too many times, get bored and stop clicking. When clickthrough rates drop, Facebook penalizes you, increasing cost per click (CPC)— making future clickthroughs more expensive.

Advertise on Facebook in 7 steps


Step 1: Create a Facebook business page


  1. Go to facebook.com/pages/create
  2. Then choose a Page category
  3. Click Get Started and follow the on-screen instructions

Keep this in mind when creating a Facebook Page:

  • Fill out your page info in full detail
  • Include a relevant Facebook profile and cover photo
  • Have a Facebook Page strategy

Step 2: Create goals for your Facebook ads

Step 3: Choose an objective for your campaign

Step 4: Choose your target audience and ad spend

  1. Customize your target audience
  2. Choose your budget
  3. Choose your objective

Step 5: Choose how you want your ad to look

Choose your images, headline, body text, as well as placement of the actual ad. You can use five images and the headline text is limited to 25 characters.

Your ad must be intriguing enough for people to want to click on it. Along with the headline, there is also text that will accompany the ad. This is limited to 90 characters.

Choose the placement of your Facebook Ad – desktop News Feed, mobile News Feed, right column, or audience network.

Step 6: Place your order

You’ll get an email from Facebook once your ad has been approved.

Step 7: Create a Facebook ads report

Go to Facebook’s getting started site.

  1. Go to Ads Manager and click Reports in the navigation. You’ll automatically see data from the default report called General Metrics over the last 30 days for your active campaigns.
  2. Customize the metrics you see in your report and then click the blue Export button on the top-right column to download your report.

Some people spend far more than one hour perusing Facebook every day (teens, for instance, may spend up to nine hours), the consequences of which are only beginning to be understood.

Researchers from Lancaster University in England, examined studies from 14 countries to explore the connection between Facebook usage and depression. Frequent posting on Facebook was also associated with increased rumination and depression. Women were more likely to become depressed than men due to Facebook usage, as were people with neurotic personalities. In addition, Facebook users were more at risk of depression if they displayed the following:

  • Felt envy after observing others
  • Accepted former partners as Facebook friends
  • Made negative social comparisons
  • Made frequent negative status updates

University of Houston researchers also explored Facebook’s emotional effects and found a link between usage of the site and symptoms of depression, which, among men, was associated with the tendency to make social comparisons (i.e., to compare yourself with others).

Facebook isn’t content to have the average user spend “just” 50 minutes a day. They’d rather it become a platform that’s on all day to become basically a background for your life. As The New York Times reported:

Facebook, naturally, is busy cooking up ways to get us to spend even more time on the platform. A crucial initiative is improving its News Feed, tailoring it more precisely to the needs and interests of its users, based on how long people spend reading particular posts

For people who demonstrate a preference for video, more video will appear near the top of their news feed. The more time people spend on Facebook, the more data they will generate about themselves, and the better the company will get at the task.”

Country or Region 1 Facebook User Per X People
United States 1.6
Thailand 1.7
United Kingdom 1.7
Turkey 1.7
Mexico 1.9
Brazil 1.9
Philippines 1.9
France 2.0
Italy 2.0
Vietnam 2.4
Germany 2.6
Korea, South 3.0
Indonesia 3.0
Iran 4.7
Japan 4.8
Bangladesh 7.8
India 8.6
Russia 11.9
Nigeria 12.0
China 771.2