Eggington vs Gavin: Running Order



5.05pm                 4 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight Contest

CORRI GIBBS (10st 1lb 11oz)        v              MICHAEL MOONEY (10st 11oz)

(Birmingham)                                                    (Worcester)


5.20pm                 8 x 3 mins Super-Welterweight Contest

BRIAN ROSE (11st 5lbs 6oz)          v              STILIYAN KOSTOV (11st 3lbs)

(Blackpool)                                                         (Bulgaria)


5.50pm                 6 x 3 mins Super-Middleweight Contest

JOE SHERIFF (12st 4lbs 14oz)       v              TZVETOZAR ILIEV (12st 4lbs 5oz)

(Coventry)                                                          (Bulgaria)


6.15pm                 4 x 3 mins Middleweight Contest

RYAN KELLY (11st 9lbs 11oz)        v              TOMMY CARTER (11st 6lbs 6oz)

(Birmingham)                                                    (Tideswell)


6.30pm                 10 x 3 mins Vacant English Super-Flyweight Championship

DON BROADHURST (8st 2lbs 11oz) v        LOUIS NORMAN (8st 1lb 12oz)

(Birmingham)                                                    (Leicester)


7.15pm                 6 x 3 mins Super-Featherweight Contest

SAM BOWEN (9st 6lbs)                  v              REYNALDO MORA (9st 9lbs 8oz)

(Ibstock)                                                              (Nicaragua)



10 x 3 mins Vacant WBC International Super-Bantamweight Championship

SEAN DAVIS (8st 9lbs)                    v              PAUL ECONOMIDES (8st 9lbs 11oz)

(Birmingham)                                                    (Connah’s Quay)

Followed by

8 x 3 mins Super-Flyweight Contest

KAL YAFAI (8st 5lbs)                        v              JHONSON TELLEZ (8st 10lbs 10oz)

(Birmingham)                                                    (Nicaragua)

Followed by

10 x 3 mins Vacant WBC International Middleweight Championship

ANTHONY OGOGO (11st 5lbs 3oz) v       CRAIG CUNNINGHAM (11st 5lbs 8oz)

(Lowestoft)                                                      (Birmingham)

Followed by

12 x 3 mins Vacant WBC International Welterweight Championship

FRANKIE GAVIN (10st 9lbs 11oz) v            SAM EGGINGTON (10st 6lbs 5oz)
(Birmingham)                                                    (Stourbridge)



LIVE FLOAT         6 x 3 mins Super Middleweight Contest

LENNOX CLARKE (12st 12oz)        v              ADAM JONES (11st 13lbs 10oz)

(Birmingham)                                                   (Denaby)



TO BE SCHEDULED 10 x 3 mins Midlands Area Super-Lightweight Championship

ANDY KEATES (9st 13lbs)               v              JORDAN COOKE (9st 13lbs 12oz)

(Leek)                                                                   (Coventry)


10 x 3 mins Vacant English Lightweight Championship

MARCUS FFRENCH (9st 8lbs 11oz) v         ROBBIE BARRETT (9st 8lbs)

(Birmingham)                                                    (Darfield)

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