Drug Rehab SEO

Get organic SEO for your drug and or alcohol rehabilitation facility in the United Kingdom. Below is a monetization of the value of the search market for rehab related search terms in the UK. Alcohol Rehab is a £79.90 per click search term in the UK by current estimates – meaning a significant volume of highly motivated search competitors – to stand a chance of landing some of that marketing you need an organic SEO consultant who knows his job inside & out.

#1 for [drug rehab centre] is currently the page www.rehab-online.org.uk/england-drug-and-alcohol-residential-rehab.aspx. Are they beatable? I certainly believe so with patience; practice & application I see them as entirely beatable.

Drug rehabilitation/drug rehab/rehab is the processes of medical or psychotherapeutic treatment of dependency on psychoactive substances (alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs – cocaine, heroin or amphetamines). The general intent is to allow the addict to confront their substance dependence and cease substance abuse to avoid the psychological, legal, financial, social, and physical consequences of such abuse. Treatment includes medication, counseling & sharing of experiences with other addicts. Some rehab centers include meditation and spiritual elements in the treatment process. Select centers treat gambling addiction with the same techniques as used in drug rehabilitation.

For brevity’s sake I have limited the listing of drug rehab related keywords, monthly search volumes, suggested bids of Google Adwords & inferred market value per keyword to search terms with a) a Suggested Bid of over £10.00 & b) a Market Value of £5,000 or more. On this basis, interestingly, alcohol based rehab searches dominate the landscape.

[alcohol rehab] as a search term costs an estimated £79.90 per click in the UK on Google Adwords which places it in the top tier of all search terms.

Keyword Monthly Searches Suggested bid Market Value
alcohol rehab 1300 £79.90 £103,870.00
alcohol detox 1900 £20.44 £38,836.00
drug rehab 1300 £26.77 £34,801.00
rehab for alcoholics 260 £49.57 £12,888.20
rehabilitation centre 590 £20.29 £11,971.10
alcoholism treatment 480 £24.42 £11,721.60
drug rehab centers 390 £24.39 £9,512.10
alcohol rehabilitation centre 170 £50.46 £8,578.20
rehabilitation center 480 £14.00 £6,720.00
alcohol rehab centers 110 £55.74 £6,131.40
detox from alcohol 480 £12.28 £5,894.40
private alcohol rehab 110 £51.95 £5,714.50
drug and alcohol rehab 110 £48.97 £5,386.70
rehab clinics 260 £20.30 £5,278.00
residential rehab 210 £24.65 £5,176.50

Regular competitors in the space via Paid Search include: Priory Group; Providence Project; Addiction Helper; Rehab Today; Abbeycare Foundation & UK AT.

According to the Office of National Statistics “56.9% of Opinions and Lifestyle Survey respondents aged 16 years and over in 2016 drank alcohol, which equates to 29 million people in the population”. They also noted that “7.8 million people “binged” on alcohol on their heaviest drinking day”.