Golf Tips To Score Lower

  1. Leave the driver in the bag. Scoring lower is a percentage game & the driver is rarely the percentage play, especially for beginners/novices/high handicappers. The driver might be the sexiest, most technologically fancy club you own but it is also the easiest way to get into trouble from the get go. If you struggle to avoid the temptation of not using your driver excessively – I’ll go one further – leave it at home – this has the added benefit of freeing up another spot in your bag (for a more pragmatic club selection).
  2. So assuming you are using a 3 wood or even 5 wood for your par 4 & 5 tee shots – remember to tee the ball low. This is because unlike the driver, fairway woods’ sweetspot is a lot closer to the ground. How low is low? Well Henkrik Stenson often voluntarily doesn’t even use a tee with his 3 wood tee shots. I’d not recommend doing that – but tee it up low.
  3. Understand the swing arc. For wedges and irons, without exception, the ball is hit in the descending part of the swing arc, and the divot is taken AFTER the ball has been hit. The low point of the swing arc should be 2-4 inches infront of the ball.
  4. Spend half of your practice time on putting, pitching, chipping and shots under 100 yards. Whilst “drive for show, putt for dough” might only be partially true, it is true that the vast majority of golfers spend way too much time practicing longer shots and training their short game only sporadically.
  5. Hold the finish for 3 seconds. This serves a couple of purposes: you get feedback on your balance plus get feedback on the fullness of your swing relative to the distance the ball ends up travelling.