Chavviest Holiday Destinations

  1. Malia. Worried what your teen gets up to on holiday? By picking Malia you can be guaranteed that it will involve unprotected casual sex with drunk strangers; designer club drugs & binge drinking. The highest expression of chavviness on foreign soil bar none.
  2. Marbella. Marbella hosted a few of its own TOWIE episodes. That alone puts it into the Premier League of chavtastic destinations. It is the perfect destination to celebrate all things superficial & meaningless.
  3. Laganas. Obscene language & unprovoked petty intimidation your scene? Then Laganas is definitely the place for you.
  4. Lanzarote. Lovely sun kissed island – just a pity about the clientele it seems to attract in the form of tourists.
  5. Kavos, Corfu. A dream holiday destination – if you’re 17 & have more ASBOs than candles on your birthday cake.
  6. Benidorm. Fancy staying next to a building site where they are drilling for 16 hours a day 7 days a week in a town awash with all the neds & chavs you could ever imagine existed? Then Benidorm is a must visit location.
  7. Benalmadena. A hotbed for stag weekends & hepatitis Benalmadena offers a bit of everything to the chav lover. If you’ve not contracted multiple communicable diseases by the end of your stay consider your vacation wasted.
  8. Salou. Known as the Blackpool of Spain – and not in any way an endorsement of the Lancashire cesspit. Expect communal pools filled with urine & problem children types of all ages.
  9. Hastings. Flying the flag for Britain is ‘the most chav infested town in all of the South East of England’. It is to chavs what Wimbledon is to tennis.
  10. Torquay. A uniquely British coastal scum experience. A once in a lifetime experience – if you make it out alive.