Chances Donald Trump Dies in Office

Donald Trump is 70 years, 22 weeks and 3 days old as of 17 November 2016. That means he will be 70 years, 7 months, 6 days old on inauguration day – 20 January, 2017. According to the Actuarial Life Table an American male has a 0.023528 or 2.3528% chance of dying during their 71st year of life. This increases to 2.5693% in his 72nd year; 2.8041% in his 73nd year & 3.0567% in his 74th year. Of course Donald Trump isn’t your average American male – he has had & will continue to have access to leading medical care (regardless of the future of Obamacare); has a unique set of genetic predispositions & strengths but will of course be taking on a similarly uniquely stressful role of leader of the Free World.Donald Trump

According to the Social Security website a man of his age has a nominal average life expectancy regardless of 85.5 years which would of course see him through his first term & any potential second term too. But this estimate does not take into account a wide number of factors such as current health, lifestyle, and family history that could increase or decrease life expectancy. Donald’s father Fred Trump lived to be an impressive 93 – which bodes well for the soon to be 45th President of the United States considering his access to newer medical technologies for one. Granted his father’s middle name was Christ (seriously).Life-Expectancy

Although Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States, there have only been 43 presidents before him. This is because Grover Cleveland was elected for two non-consecutive terms; hence, he is counted as both the 22nd and 24th president. Of the previous 43 men who have held the office of President a total of eight (18.6%) died in office. Four (9.3%) were assassinated: Lincoln in 1865, Garfield in 1881, McKinley in 1901 and Kennedy in 1963. Remember though that Ronald Reagan at 69 years, 345 days was previously the oldest man to ever be inaugurated as President of the United States. In fact only 10 of the 44 were 60 or older: Truman; Ford; Adams; Jackson; Eisenhower; Taylor; Bush Senior; Buchanan; Harrison & Reagan. You’d thus expect Trump – as the eldest man ever – to have a better than 18.6% chance of dying in office. Throw in the strength of public outrage at his election by major portions of the US public & you concede he has a higher than average chance of being assassinated too.ronald reagan assassination attempt

Of course an ageing president is less well equipped to recover from any assassination attempt than his younger predecessors would have been: Theodore Roosevelt; Ronald Reagan; Andrew Jackson; Franklin Roosevelt; Harry S Truman & Gerald Ford all survived assassination attempts of varying severity.

The JFK Assassination
The JFK Assassination

As per Trump’s released medical records he has a High but not Very High Total Cholesterol Levels of 169 mg/dL. LDL levels are the very best gauge of a risk of cardiac arrest & here Trump scores 94 mg/dL which is considered ‘optimal’. Trump’s blood pressure is reported as 116/70 – readings above 90/60 and below 120/80 indicate that the pressure in the arteries is considered normal for most adults.

The weak point of Trump’s medical make up is his weight – at 6’3 & weighing in at 107.1 kg or 236lbs Donald has a Body Mass Index of 29.5 which places him at the high end of the overweight range & not far from medically obese. According to the BMI scale he is fully 16 kg or 35lbs overweight at this time. Interestingly – The normal range of testosterone levels in healthy adult males is between 280 to 1,100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) & Donald’s is listed at 441.6.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

In terms of siblings Trump has a 79 year old sister Maryanne Trump Barry & alive & well having served under both Clinton & Reagan administrations as a High Court Judge. Donald’s older brother Frederick Christ Trump, Jr. died aged just 43 but from self-destructive alcohol fueled tendancies more than anything more medically inherent (Trump himself is said to be teetotal). His grandfather Frederick Trump did die relatively young aged just 49 but this was “one of the early cases of the 1918 flu pandemic”.

Donald Trump and Siblings
Donald Trump and Siblings

Here is a look at the full Trump family tree with dates of birth & death (where applicable) listed:

Johann Philipp Drumpft (1667–1707), married Juliana Maria Rodenroth

  • Johann Sebastian Drumpft (1699–1756), married Susanna Margaretha Kohl
    • Johann Paul Drumpft (1727–1792), married Maria Elisabetha Setzer
      • Charlotte Louisa Trump (1789–1833), married Johann Georg Heinz
        • John Henry Heinz (1811–1891), emigrated to the United States in 1840
          • Henry J. Heinz (1844–1919), founder of the Heinz company
      • Johannes Drumpft (1789–1835), married Susanna Maria Bechtloff
        • Friedrich Trump (died 1876), married Elisabetha Trump
        • Maria Katharina Trump (born 1827)
        • Christian Johannes Trump (1829–1877), married Katharina Kober (1836–1922)
          • Johannes Trump (born 1860)
          • Katharina Trump (born 1861)
          • Jakob Trump (born 1863)
          • Sybilla Luisa Trump (1865–1931), moved to New York City, the United States, married a German-born man named Schuster
          • Konrad Trump (born 1868)
          • Friedrich Trump (1869–1918), barber and restaurant and hotel manager, married Elisabeth Christ, moved to the United States in 1885/1905
            • Elizabeth (Elisabeth) Trump (1904–1961), married William O. Walter
              • William Trump Walter (born 1931)
              • John W. Walter (born 1934), referred to as the Trump “family historian”
            • Frederick Christ Trump (1905–1999), real estate developer, married Mary MacLeod (1912–2000)
              • Maryanne Trump (born 1937), federal judge, married John Barry
                • David William Desmond Barry (born 1960), psychologist
              • Frederick Christ Trump, Jr. (1938–1981), married Linda Clapp
                • Frederick Christ Trump III (born 1963)
                • Mary Trump
              • Elizabeth Joan Trump, married James Walter Grau
              • Donald Trump (born 1946), married Ivana Zelníčková, Marla Maples and Melania Knauss
                • Donald Jr. (of first marriage)
                • Ivanka (of first marriage)
                • Eric Trump (of first marriage)
                • Tiffany Trump (of second marriage)
                • Barron Trump (of third marriage)
              • Robert Trump, married Blaine Beard
            • John George Trump (1907–1985), married Elora Sauerbrun (1913–1983)
              • John Gordon Trump (1938–2012)
          • Elisabetha Trump (born 1873), married Karl Freund
          • Barbara Trump (born 1876)
        • Anna Elisabetha Trump (born 1831), married Konrad Schwinn