How Big is the Internet?

Server Space & Number of Indexed Pages Relative Size of the WWW Total Indexed Pages in the Google Index: 47,000,000,000 pages. Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook store over 1,200 petabytes themselves alone. There are 75 million servers around the world. Google has indexed 200 Terabytes (TB) of data as of 2014. That’s the equivalent of around 200,000,000 thick books. […]

10 Most Expensive 75cl Bottles of Champagne

Average tax-free price for a single 75cl bottle. Goût de Diamants, Taste of Diamonds £1.2m Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon Charles & Diana 1961 £2,576 Krug Clos D’Ambonnay 1998 Vintage Champagne 75cl £2,000 Dom Perignon 1970 Plenitude P3 Vintage Champagne 75cl £1,975 Dom Perignon 1971 Plenitude P3 Vintage Champagne 75cl £1,875 Boërl & Kroff Brut £1,488 Moët & […]

How Much Do YouTube Pay?

£0.00090981612 per view £0.0909816128 per 100 views £0.909816128 per 1,000 views £9.09816128 per 10,000 views £90.9816128 per 100,000 views £909.816128 per 1,000,000 views £9,098.16128 per 10,000,000 views £90,981.6128 per 100,000,000 views £909,816.128 per 1,000,000,000 views Example Earnings: Zoella (includes MoreZoella) £829,142.11 from 911,329,320 views The True Geordie £19,685.25 from 21,636,516 views

Who is The Online Travel Leader?

Working for 4 years as the exclusive SEO specialist to one of the world’s leading luxury African safari vendors taught me the potency of the synergy online search & the travel industry enjoy. 20 of the world’s 4,000 most visited websites are online travel vendors. 8 travel websites are among the 1,000 most visited websites […]

Web Hosting Options for Businesses

Top 20 Business Web Hosting Options Please note that these are my legitimate, impartial, ratings & I receive no kick backs & am not an affiliate of any of the firms listed below (unlike many other such ranking lists). Arvixe Web Hosting. Simply the best service out there for businesses according to a great deal […]