Blackwell vs. Eubank: By The Numbers

Chris Eubank Junior landed an incredible 298 punches in less than 10 rounds against Nick Blackwell. 63 of these punches were (in most cases very hard) uppercuts. The younger Eubank managed 835 punches thrown in what was a stunning display of stamina when you consider that the rate at which punches were thrown never dipped below 71 in any single round, including the incomplete 10th. 35.7% of the challenger’s punches found their target & had the fight gone the distance he was on course to land 365 punches from over 1,000 punches thrown.

Of many brutal rounds the 7th was especially painful for Blackwell with his opponent landing 48 – including fully 13 uppercuts – from 96 punches thrown in 3 minutes. Interestingly Eubank’s accuracy improved in all but one round between the first (24.0%) & the seventh (50.0%) rounds. That is Blackwell was finding it harder & harder – at an almost perfectly progressively accelerating rate – to avoid Eubank’s blows. The rate at which Blackwell was tiring & thus able to avoid punches was vastly outpacing the rate at which Eubank was fatiguing & thus able to find his target.

Eubank vs Blackwell Punch Stats
Eubank vs Blackwell Punch Stats (Zoom In)

Despite the widely publicized claim that Eubank Junior responded to his father’s plea for compassion at the end of the 8th round by easing up on Blackwell late on it is noted that 153 punches were thrown & 55 were landed – including 10 uppercuts – by Junior after that plea was made. The ‘easing up’ appeared most pronounced in the minute to 90 seconds directly following the plea, that is, in the first half of round 9 as the fighter appeared to be momentarily at a loss as how to respond to his father’s instructions.

Chris Eubank Junior
Chris Eubank Junior’s output increase has been beyond exceptional.

To contextualize Eubank’s numbers (835/298) it is worth pointing out that his thrown & land numbers both outdo what Gennady Golovkin managed (816/292) against Martin Murray – in half a round less time in the ring. But unlike Murray – who hit the deck three times during that bout – Blackwell never went down & in truth never really looked close to it either, despite the sheer volume of the punishment he absorbed.

Eubank’s average of 84.8 punches thrown per round is substantially better than Golovkin’s 8 fight average of 71.2 punches thrown per round for his bouts with Gabriel Rosado; Nobuhiro Ishida; Matthew Macklin; Curtis Stevens; Osumanu Adama; Daniel Geale;  Marco Antonio Rubio & Martin Murray. What makes these numbers especially stunning is the lack of volume punching Eubank showed in all but his most recent fights. So stark is the improvement it is noted that he threw more punches in every single round against Blackwell than he did in all but ONE round against Billy Joe Saunders. Now, BJS, is a more elusive target, for sure – but 835/298 in less than 10 rounds vs. 509/131 in 12 full rounds tests the limits of what is a believable level of improvement in under 16 months. Stated differently, Junior doubled the rate at which he threw punches from 42.4 to 84.8 per round in just over one year.

Thanks to the laughable excuse for drug testing that exists in professional boxing there can never be anything more than suspicion. The fact that Eubank was able to perform at such an incredible level of output without ever seeming even half out of breath or appearing visibly overly taxed physically is more worrying yet to seasoned PED-watchers yet.

Nick Blackwell
Nick Blackwell absorbed 63 uppercuts leading to violent stop-start movements of his head & brain.