Black Mass & The Story of Whitey Bulger

Whitey Bulger, the brother of a senator and the most infamous criminal in the history of Boston. He became an FBI informant. In 1971, the FBI approached Bulger and attempted to recruit him as an informant. FBI Special Agent Dennis Condon was assigned to make the pitch. However, he failed to win Bulger’s trust. In 1974, Bulger became partners with Stephen Flemmi, an FBI informant since 1965. Although it is a documented fact that Bulger soon followed Flemmi’s example, exactly how and why remains something of a mystery.

“There’s a kind heart in there. There’s a cold heart in there. There’s a man who loves. There’s a man who cries. There’s a lot to the man.” Johnny Depp.

“I wonder how Johnny Depp would feel if his sister got strangled and buried in the basement with two other corpses? There’s nothing humane about Jimmy Bulger … Shame on him. That was a very stupid, insensitive comment.” Bill St Croix, whose sister Deborah Hussey was strangled by Bulger in 1985.

Release Dates

Australia 17 September 2015
Singapore 17 September 2015
Canada 18 September 2015
USA 18 September 2015
Spain 25 September 2015
Sweden 25 September 2015
Iceland 2 October 2015
Italy 8 October 2015
Portugal 8 October 2015
Switzerland 15 October 2015
Germany 15 October 2015
Denmark 15 October 2015
Netherlands 15 October 2015
New Zealand 15 October 2015
Austria 16 October 2015
Poland 16 October 2015
South Africa 16 October 2015
Belgium 23 October 2015
Spain 23 October 2015
Nigeria 23 October 2015
Norway 23 October 2015
Finland 7 November 2015
Brazil 12 November 2015
Czech Republic 19 November 2015
Belgium 25 November 2015
Switzerland 25 November 2015
France 25 November 2015
UK 25 November 2015
Ireland 25 November 2015
Finland 4 December 2015
Japan 30 January 2016

Budget $53,000,000

Opening Weekend $22,635,037 (USA) (20 September 2015) (3,188 Screens)

Gross $57,557,218 (USA) (11 October 2015)

Johnny Depp as James ‘Whitey’ Bulger
Joel Edgerton as John Connolly
Benedict Cumberbatch as Billy Bulger
Dakota Johnson as Lindsey Cyr
Kevin Bacon as Charles McGuire
Peter Sarsgaard as Brian Halloran
Jesse Plemons as Kevin Weeks
Rory Cochrane as Steve Flemmi
David Harbour as John Morris
Adam Scott as FBI Agent Robert Fitzpatrick
Corey Stoll as Fred Wyshak
Julianne Nicholson as Marianne Connolly
W. Earl Brown as John Martorano
Bill Camp as John Callahan
Juno Temple as Deborah Hussey