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The SEO Market in the United States

Since the advent of search engines & thus SEO efforts, search engine optimization (SEO) has had critics who insisted it was a fad. SEO is not only surviving, it’s thriving: According to research companies spent $65 billion on SEO in 2016. This is more than triple what they predicted for this year back in 2008, before the introduction of Google Panda and Google Penguin even entered the equation. The SEO industry is calculated to top $72 billion by 2018. A survey of 357 marketers found that over 90 percent plan to increase their SEO budgets or keep them the same over the next year.

Businesses spent an estimated $613 billion for all digital-marketing services worldwide in 2016. So $65 billion of $613 billion means 10.6% of all digital marketing spend goes to SEO. Smaller, local businesses spend more than 68% of the total SEO spend. Larger companies tend to have SEO-dedicated internal teams whereas smaller companies tend to employ SEO companies, agencies or consultants.

In America fully $1.49 billion is spent on site visitor analysis alone. Site visitor analysis spending will spiral upwards in the years ahead as companies attempt to make sense of the mobile dominated landscape. $790 million is spent on blog development currently. In the years ahead there will be a shift away from written blog investment toward video blogging.

Other digital-marketing services investments include $6.61 billion on listing claims and $410 million on email list purchases. Both of these are projected to decline in the years ahead.

Reasons we’ll see SEO growing continuously

Why SEO will grow indefinitely:

  • Searches per user will grow.
  • The number of search users will also increase.
  • Alternative search engines & search engines for individual platforms will emerge.
  • Increasing futility of traditional advertising.
  • SEO sophistication. Keyword stuffing and link building has been replaced by content development and publication.

SEO spend rising means that more SEO competition will take place. Eventually there will be a point where the rise in spending will slow. SEO will continue to grow in popularity for the foreseeable future.

Top 10 Metros by Search Interest in SEO

  1. Bend OR
  2. San Diego CA
  3. Salt Lake City UT
  4. Las Vegas NV
  5. Los Angeles CA
  6. Portland OR
  7. Austin TX
  8. West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce FL
  9. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale FL
  10. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose CA

Exhaustive List SEO & Related Services

  • Search Engine Optimization – Ecommerce SEO; Local SEO; SEO Reseller; Amazon SEO; Lead Generation; SEO Copywriting; Mobile SEO; Multilingual SEO; Video SEO; Pay For Performance SEO; SEO Training; Voice Search Optimization; Link Removal; Site Audit; Link Building; Content Marketing; Influencer Marketing; Infographic Design
  • Pay Per Click Management – Local PPC; PPC Remarketing; Bing PPC Management; Landing Page Optimization; Conversion Optimization
  • Integrated Search (SEO & PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing – Facebook Advertising; LinkedIn Advertising; Instagram Advertising; YouTube Marketing; Twitter Advertising; Crowdfunding Marketing; Pinterest Advertising
  • Web Development – Web Design
  • Reputation Management – Press Release Distribution
  • Digital Marketing – Internet Marketing; Affiliate Marketing; Contextual Advertising; Inbound Marketing; Online Marketing; Web Marketing
  • Mobile App Development – Android App Development; iPhone App Development
  • Mobile Marketing – Mobile App Marketing; App Store Optimization
  • Video Marketing – Video Production; Video Spokesperson; Viral Marketing

Top 10 Cities by Search Interest in SEO

  1. Cambridge
  2. Irvine
  3. San Diego
  4. Sheridan
  5. Las Vegas
  6. San Jose
  7. Austin
  8. Salt Lake City
  9. New York
  10. San Francisco


Top 10 States by Monthly SEO Related Searches

  1. California 18,100
  2. New York 12,100
  3. Florida 8,100
  4. Texas 8,100
  5. Illinois 5,400
  6. Pennsylvania 4,400
  7. Massachusetts 3,600
  8. New Jersey 3,600
  9. Georgia 3,600
  10. Colorado, Washington, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio 2,900