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Link Baiting 101


Link baiting is as much an art as a science. Here are a few key fundamentals of most if not all link baiting initiatives:

  1. Try to get niche influencers engaged or involved somehow. How? Everyone likes to be made a fuss of – well most people do – so make use of that ‘@’ symbol on Twitter when sharing the content should it pertain to anyone of wider influence within your niche. If you do a listing of the 10 best computer programmers or suit makers or dress designers simply share that content with the named persons via Twitter. Who knows perhaps you’ll get a retweet – egos have been known to react in such a manner to validation of their status as leaders within a sector.
  2. Make the content near universally understandable and accessible to readers. There is a reason academic literature is not that popular – some of it is only understandable to the person who wrote it and 3 other people! You want to invite and include readership not exclude it.
  3. Consider the economic basis for free giveaways. If you are in a space where traffic via Google Adwords costs upwards of say £2 per click – a single potent inbound link given sufficient traffic volumes around that keyword could be worth £1,000’s to you so why not offer free samples/gifts for engagement with your content? Note I say engagement with your content – so entering a competition for example – and not ‘to link to you’. That tactic is so 2003 & so likely to end badly that only a moron would do it in 2016. Play it smart & reward engagement not ‘linking to’.
  4. Try rankings or lists – people enjoy competition in all guises and comparison in all guises. Here is a little pointer I’ve learnt from my own experience in compiling lists of rankings – often enough it is the controversial rankings and not the ultra accurate rankings that derive a response from the marketplace.
  5. Think long and hard about which topics you’re going to tackle – are people interested? Really? OK, if you are sure anyone would give a damn my dear you have my blessing. But remember that people are looking to be entertained or informed – if you can do both, all the better.
  6. Remember that actual human beings are reading your content – they like to be made to feel special so offer engagement in the form of polls & other rationalization mechanisms.
  7. Try to become a cornerstone/flagship content – that is, content that is an evergreen resource such as the generic <a> href Attribute code. Cornerstone content is outstanding in one of the following areas: size; depth; length; breadth or utility.
  8. Content should be presented in as an aesthetically appealing manner as possible – without this being the main time usage of course. That is – no need to go overboard.
  9. Format your content so as to be readable – if your content is many, many words worth then use appropriate bold, underlining, H-tags, spacing and so on to make it easy for the reader to read.
  10. Social share buttons are a no-brainer. If one person likes your content enough for them to want to share it you want to make that act of sharing as easy for them to achieve as possible. Simultaneously you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree so utilize only the major social platforms in your niche – for many that will be Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Google+. You can use more but I’d posit a sensible upward limit is between 5 & 7 total.