Eddie Hearn vs. David Haye: Only One Winner In The Mismatch of the Year

David Haye is a fool. Nothing more. Eddie Hearn is on course to be the most successful British boxing promoter since Jack Solomons. For whilst Haye has been urinating millions against walls in Ibiza; Magaluf & Marbs Hearn has been working 16, 17, 18 hour days everyday resurrecting then allowing the sport of boxing in Great Britain to thrive. British boxing has turned around a decade long slump under the promotional dominance of the younger Hearn – in terms of public interest; revenue; viewing figures – these are facts, not opinions.

David Haye

David Haye has been a D-list wannabee cheap addition to the junk TV circuit whilst Eddie Hearn has been revolutionising British boxing.

Interest in boxing as measured by Google search interest is up a staggering 66.73% in 2016 vs. 2004; a mind-blowing 86.43% in 2016 vs. 2010 (when David Haye was the, and I use this term very loosely, ‘heavyweight champion of the world’); and in fact of the 18 biggest fights of the last 13 years as measured by Google search interest in the sport in the UK fully half of them have taken place in the last 12 months. Industry revenue is up; corporate sponsors are coming into the sport not running away from it as was the case when David Haye was fighting the ilk of Nikolay Valuev & charging the public £14.63 for truly horrendous cards (the undercards were cheap & nasty which is where Haye probably learnt the art of overselling & under-delivering as a promoter himself later).

Of course the level of success Hearn has achieved – for himself; for his dad’s company; but critically for the whole sport – will bring with it jealously from less successful (part time in this case) market participants. That is to be expected. That it comes from the abject commercial failure that is David Haye makes that jealously fuelled rage that much more impotent.

Eddie Hearn

Leave the big decisons to the adults David – Eddie Hearn has it covered. Go buy some jewellery or something with the dough he gifted you.

Haye is more than just another spunk his money against a wall Vanilla Ice type character – he is an ungrateful punk for speaking up against Hearn – a man who is quite literally, “throwing a dog a bone”. So pipe-down David – get into shape because your next opponent is an actual professional boxer this time & let the adults in the room worry about the trajectory of the sport as a whole. Eddie Hearn wasn’t responsible for the contraction in the welfare of the sport in the collective consciousness – by your logic you are blaming him for a decades long process – but he has, since entering the sport as a promoter of record in 2012 – been integral in a frankly unlikely re-emergence of boxing in the minds of sports fans with disposable income.

Because, David, when you do things correctly – delivering value to your broadcasting partners & your customers you don’t have to stand outside the venue like you had to giving tickets away just to keep face with an increasingly embarrassed broadcaster. Boxing doesn’t need you to do anything other than get knocked out by Tony Bellew – the ideal result for all involved. If not, you can get behind Luis Ortiz, Shannon Briggs & the rest of the division in the Anthony Joshua ‘pick me’ line.

David Haye

David Haye – the cheek of it!

Tony Bellew asked you how you were able to blow the kind of money you have evidently blown & the sheer number of parasite enablers around you probably goes a long way to explaining how your short lived fortune was squandered. You are bitter & that’s expected – but don’t just look for the nearest successful person & assign all the world’s ill to them because that is about as pathetic as blaming a loss on a sore little toe.

David Haye

David Haye – boxing doesn’t need this guy anywhere near calling the shots. We have come too far to be dragged back down by such ineptitude.