Britain Takes 867% More Medals When World Champs Are At Home

Great Britain have won 4 golds; 9 silvers & 7 bronze medals in 46 renditions of the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Britain has hosted this event 3 times – in 1993; 2009 & 2015.

1993 produced one Silver. 2009 produced 1 Gold & 1 Silver & 2015 produced 1 Gold, 3 Silvers & 1 Bronze. Thus 8 (40%) of the 20 medals Britain has ever won in this event have been won on home soil. Stated differently the 6.5% of World Artistic Gymnastics Championships held on British soil have delivered 40% of the medals she has ever won & thus the 93.5% of events not held in Britain have produced a mere 60% of the medals she has ever won.

The mean amount of medals won per event on home soil has been 2.67 whilst a mere 0.28 at events not held on British soil. Does a home crowd really account for an 867% higher medal take at home events?

World Championships 2015
World Championships 2015

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