SEO Specialist for Business

Whilst working for an SEO agency many moons ago I cottoned onto the core dilemma facing businesses looking to contract an SEO provider – the agency model is intrinsically flawed – for one entrusting an entity with 30-90% of your enterprises’ success (or failure) to whom you represent but 1 or 2% of their financial success (revenue) is clearly a lopsided commercial relationship.

I’m a partner not a parasite. Either we’re both making money or we are not – this distils my service & my process. Google’s organic search algorithm is my obsession. What I have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over the course of a career. Skills that make me a nightmare for search engines & your competitors alike. If you leave now that’ll be the end of it. I will not call you, I will not bug you, but if you don’t, I will get you crawled, I will get you indexed and I will rank you on Google.

I know you’re not sat there with a bag of money waiting for me. But I’m not some 18-year-old selling a cure for cancer. I’m 34 years old, I have 10 years experience, I know this business. So pick up your skirt, grab your balls, and lets go make some money! People deploy me for one reason: to become filthy rich. That’s it. We’re not here to make friends. We’re not saving the rain forests here. Ever wonder why agencies can’t rank for toffee? It is because they’re sheep, and sheep get slaughtered..Google Analytics SEO

Why am I the best freelance SEO consultant for your business?

I do the SEO myself

I’d be working on your website’s organic search footprint personally. With an SEO company your account would in reality be handled by the lowest ranking employee with as little as 3 months experience in digital marketing. I have over a decade of experience in digital marketing.

I’m a Specialist

I am really good at one thing – organic search. I’m not mediocre at a bunch of things – I’m exceptionally well informed about just one topic. I don’t offer web design, I don’t offer other web services & I don’t offer a shiatsu either & do you know why? It is a physical impossibility for anyone to be as good as I am at SEO & dedicate valuable time to anything else. I remain a student of all search algorithm updates & as such provide my clients with expertise that are cutting edge & ahead of the curve.

More SEO For The Dough

I bring superb value for money to the marketplace. You will not find a better value service of this kind anywhere in the United Kingdom. How? Well if I can make you a substantial amount of money – the only negotiating point is what percentage cut I take…


You’d be the only client in your sector. Having worked for agencies in the past I have seen instances where 3-6 competing vendors are represented by the same consultant or company. Can you say conflict of interest? You will not have that problem with me.

A Long Term Relationship

My service is one built on sustainability, not quick wins. I appreciate that my industry has developed a poor, fly by night, reputation by chasing these kinds of short held gains & I actively attempt to make all gains lasting & sustainable ones.


My offer is completely flexible – you can hire me as your external consultant for as little as an hour or as long as multiple years. This flexibility means I am open to all manner of contractual obligations, incentives & options. I am a believer – show me the impossible & I’ll come back to you with a working plan to achieve it. Honesty & transparency are hallmarks of my service to clients.


I understand what it takes to succeed in the digital world from both a technical and a holistic perspective, having accumulated an expert level of search engine knowledge over the course of many years & offer the benefit of this knowledge to my clients. I posses knowledge & expertise in the implication on organic search of social media marketing, online reputation management & economics. My consultant service offering is geared toward making your website more popular via all channels with organic search being the sub-set I personally oversee.

ServicesSEO Consultant

  • Website Audits
  • SEO Management for SME & Startups
  • Enterprise SEO Management
  • Strategy & Competitive Intelligence
  • Review of Your SEO Agency/Company’s Work
  • SEO for Mobile
  • On-Page/Site SEO Recommendations
  • Hands-On SEO Changes to Sites/Pages
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building Recommendations
  • Analytics Setup/Reporting
  • On-Site Training Seminars

Show Me The Money

Rates card & partnership options for consulting can be found in my SEO Packages.

Call Me Before Your Competition Does

Give me a call on 07468 430149 – if I’m awake we can talk smashing your competition’s lights out.

Benefits of Hiring a Freelance SEO Consultant vs an Agency, Company or even an In-House Person

10 reasons why it makes financial sense to hire a freelancer:

  1. Affordability – as a freelance SEO expert my overhead costs are kept to a minimum which is passed onto you – the client.
  2. Flexibility – I work on my own schedule which means I’m able to offer a huge variety of service options.
  3. Streamline Costs – Instead of engaging an agency, company or even a full-time member of staff, you can work with me on a need basis.
  4. Speed of Delivery – as a freelancer I am motivated to perform an excellent job and to do so quickly. I know that it is in my best interests to be reliable and exceed expectations.
  5. Independence – we define the work parameters and expectations then you leave the rest to me.
  6. More Innovative – freelancers are more innovative and up to speed with latest industry trends.
  7. Experienced – freelancers accumulate a significant amount of valuable experience from working with a variety of businesses.
  8. Hire Specific Experts – you can hire the most suitable professional freelancer for any given job.
  9. Future Availability – freelancers enjoy their work and are always improving.
  10. Global Market – you have access to a global talent pool when employing a freelancer.