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Why hire me as your SEO consultant?

SEO Consultant

  1. I’m a partner not a parasite. By that I mean that your success is my success & more to the point I don’t do contracts. If you’re not happy, for whatever reason, you know where the door is. You won’t leave, but you are welcome to. Either we’re both making money & you’re happy or we are not & you’re not.
  2. You’d be the only client in your sector. Having worked for SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing & Digital advertising agencies in the past I have seen instances where 3-6 competing vendors are represented by the same SEO consultant or company. Can you say conflict of interest? You will not have that problem with me.
  3. I’d be working on your website’s digital footprint personally. With a Search/Social Media Marketing company your account would in reality be handled by the lowest ranking employee with as little as 3 months experience in digital marketing. I have over a decade of experience in digital marketing.
  4. I am really good at one thing – organic search. I’m not mediocre at a bunch of things – I’m exceptionally well informed about just one topic. I don’t offer web design, I don’t offer other web services & I don’t offer a shiatsu either & do you know why? It is a physical impossibility for anyone to be as good as I am at SEO & dedicate valuable time to anything else. I remain a student of all search algorithm updates & as such provide my clients with expertise that are cutting edge & ahead of the curve.
  5. I understand what it takes to succeed in the digital world from both a technical and a holistic perspective. I have accumulated an expert level of search engine knowledge over the course of many years & offer the benefit of this knowledge to my clients.
  6. I offer complete flexibility – you can hire me as your external digital consultant for as little as an hour or as long as multiple years.
  7. I offer an honest & transparent SEO consultant service to my clients.
  8. I bring superb value for money to the marketplace. You will not find a better value service of this kind anywhere in the United Kingdom or indeed the world.
  9. My service is one built on sustainability, not quick wins. I appreciate that my industry has developed a poor, fly by night, reputation by chasing these kinds of short held gains & I actively attempt to make all gains lasting ones.
  10. I posses knowledge & expertise in the implication on organic search of social media marketing, online reputation management & economics. My consultant service offering is geared toward making your website more popular via all channels with organic search being the sub-set I personally oversee.

If you’re keen for the short form entry into SEO consultant services & want to reserve me for consulting or training you can contact me here. I am able to offer in person meetings with clients & prospective clients in London, Manchester, Essex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent & throughout the United Kingdom by appointment.

The full rates card & partnership options for my consulting services can be found in my Remuneration Guide.

Want Your Online Business To Be More Visible Via Search?

The way I see it there are three options open to you:

Option 1: Dedicate a great deal of time & effort to learning how search engines work.

Option 2: Hire an SEO consultant to act on your website’s behalf to implement onsite & offsite changes to improve your natural/organic search engine visibility.

Option 3: Hire someone with the requisite skill & knowledge to teach you how search & search engines work.

My website offers you all three digital marketing options.

I trust that you will find my content honest, informative & helpful. If you are looking for specific information on Google Panda Penalty Recovery you will find a great deal of information on my website to educate yourself on the topic. I sincerely feel I have something to offer your business as your organic search engine marketing consultant.

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I am dedicated to providing businesses in London & globally with the best SEO marketing services available anywhere. Failure is not an option for me. Success is all I envision. I am in the SEO & digital marketing game, I don't care about anything else. I don't watch the news, I don't care about politics, I don't care about celebrities. I don't care about anything I don't need to care about. This is my game, it is my life. I study it, I think about it, all the time. Nothing else matters.